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Iguana close up





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carlosramos October 18, 2015
Perfectly composed and photographed with excellent light, color and details !
jhmohammed Platinum
jhmohammed October 18, 2015
Thank you. The iguanas live in our Poui tree which is quite tall and it is a pleasure to see them come down in search of food. It is at times like these that I can really get great shots. This one was about four feet away in another tree that is just outside a window. The young ones are usually bright green like this one.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a tree that is about four feet from the kitchen window. The iguanas crawl slowly on the branches and sometimes because of their coloring they tend to blend into the tree. Once my eyes are adjusted to seeing them, it easy to make out more than one at a time. These creatures are so long yet so graceful in the way that they move across the branches.
This was taken mid morning on a sunny day. The iguanas live in our Poui tree which is very tall and they come down in the early morning in search of food. This one is bright green, and is a young iguana. If you look closely you can see evidence of the shedding of his skin.
On that day, there were a few iguanas resting under some of the branches on the tree, probably as a result of the hot sun. I was waiting to see if any one of them would venture out and suddenly this beauty cautiously crawled out. I was captivated by the way the sunlight fell on his head bringing out the markings on his body.
I used a Canon Powershot SX50. I absolutely love the zoom on this camera and it was my favorite camera before I bought my DSLR. The photo was taken hand-held but I propped the camera on the windowsill to avoid camera shake. Because of the sunny conditions, no flash was needed but I would not dare use a flash around these beautiful creatures for fear of frightening them.
I am fascinated by these creatures and I am always looking for them in the trees. I was not fortunate enough to see them so close before and I still am not sure how they ended up within feet of the window. On that day, with the sudden rustling of the leaves I turned and saw the iguana emerging from a spot that I was not even looking at. The bright green coloring indicated that it was a young one and he had the most beautiful eyes. I was sitting there for over half an hour to get this shot and that was not the iguana that I was focusing on!
The only post-processing I did was to crop the photo and sharpen the eyes a bit. There was little else to do.
In my camera bag
I am an amateur photographer but I do carry quite a few pieces of gear in my bag - Nikon D5600 with the 18-140mm kit lens as well as a Tamron 70-300mm lens, a gorilla tripod, extra batteries which is a must, cleaning cloths and a waterproof bag to protect the bag that has all my gear. I love taking close up photos so it's always a toss up between the lenses so I take both. I have paid the price in the past of not having the correct lenses handy so it's worth the extra weight in my backpack.
I live in the tropics and in my backyard there are iguanas. Many times I take photos but they are not exactly what I am looking for because I am trying to capture the iguanas between the leaves on the trees high up. And sometimes I feel disappointed. But the key to good photos is patience and practice. Sitting still and waiting pays off. Our cameras are digital now and we don't pay for processing as in former times, so go out there and click, click, click and get that practice. Look back at what you have taken and with all those continuous shots you may very well have a winner.

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