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pat-rice440 October 14, 2015
:) great title ..once again! U win the award on here for "Best Titles" :) AWESOME shot!!
Alla_Akantova June 09, 2016
Great composition, done not only by shapes and lines, but also by black-white-grey components.
rishikeshkumar July 07, 2017
Nice perspective

The Little People

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken during the Open House event in London. This building in North London has a fantastic reception area that can be looked down apron from the surrounding offices.
It was a busy day walking round London visiting all the different buildings. Trying to see as many as i possibly could it was tough fitting them all in. This was the 3rd visit of the day.
The reception area has a glass roof so there is plenty of light flooding into the area. The white floors really help to reflect the light too, making it idea for a high contrast black and white image.
Leaning over the sides to take photographs was a no here, so i had to be quick. Taken hand held with a wide angle lens to get as much in as possible and to really show the scale.
The hight of the building and how small the people looked down below meant it was always going to be an interesting shot. The contrasty processing i think really emphasises this.
Darkening the blacks and adding to the whites really helps draw you into this photo. It adds to the scale and the depth of the photo. Not much else was done, a little sharpening added and some clarity removed.
In my camera bag
On a day like this where there was lots of walking i only had a travel Manfrotto Befree tripod, Nikon Df, and a couple of lenses. A fair bit less than a normal day out but it was going to include lots of walking so i needed to be lighter. Each trip out requires different equipment, so always have an idea what your going to shoot.
Composition is key, if you get this right then the rest well come. Always have an idea on how you want your photo to look before you take it.

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