Inspired by the News habit to prioritize creators of planet-wide misery. Such "news" always favor those who orchestrate or manage wars, hunger, maladi...
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Inspired by the News habit to prioritize creators of planet-wide misery. Such "news" always favor those who orchestrate or manage wars, hunger, maladies and other evils diverse, selling their souls for profit.

Suffering and vanishing unnoticed in the bloody games are people who barely make ends meet, but the actual media-glorified gamers always re-appear from the ranks of overstuffed minority.

Why would people throughout history tolerate morally challenged elite was always beyond me. But here we are, meekly watching...

... and behold, the Ultimate Victory for the dumbkind.
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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman September 30, 2015
Awesome presentation......thank you
LookSee May 28, 2019
LookSee September 16, 2019
Thank you!
LookSee December 31, 2019

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Behind The Lens

Comfortably sitting in the terrace chair, looking at the Moon.
September 23rd 17:11:37
Afternoon, clear blue sky, pure daylight.
Shot out of hand (1/400 sec, f/6.5, ISO 100, 516mm) ... no added equipment.
This modification started as an afternoon photo of the Moon. And Moon was looking really nice, which was reason enough. The real inspiration came later, when I played with some post-processing tools.
This one took quite a lot of tweaking which started with examining the treshold. After that, I separated the part of the surface to turn it yellowish, and it looked really nice with all the strong, crude graphic values of black. That's when the whole concept revealed itself, and I knew how I wanted it to look in the end. So I cropped the Moon out of the photo by circle selection. Then I re-painted the whole image surface in black, sprinkled "stars" all over it, and pasted the Moon back. I mask-cut some irregular parts of the Moon image and placed those elsewhere, creating the "exploded" effect, which I have further enhanced by adding some more "stars" inbetween. Some other parts were irregularly masked and there the gray-yellow hue was changed to hot coals red. The "Sun" was made by simply mask-cutting out a hole, which I then blurred extremely so as to look "credible". And maybe I did one more secret thing which I won't tell you about, so as to remain unique, one-and-only, the best, etc. ;-)
In my camera bag
I'm using a photo vest instead of the bag; it is easier to organize and to carry. I don't like to carry much equipment anyway. The pockets will usually contain the "main" and a "backup" camera, spare batteries, a stack of ND filters and a CPL, a camera clamp (rather than tripod), length of paracord, a sturdy pocket knife, a lighter... maybe a sandwich or a bar of chocolate, a small water bottle... and if the weather looks like it could rain, the vest's large back pocket will contain a lightweight poncho. That's about it. Travel light go far, that's the general principle.
Take photos of everything you can! It doesn't cost anything, and you never know what you can use those for... But make sure all your photos are made correctly in the camera, because neither amount nor sort of post-processing can turn a botched photo into something good. When you do manipulations and modifications you have to start with optimally acquired material or the results won't look good. Otherwise, let your imagination run wild. And above all, enjoy what you do!

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