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I had saved Jacob from an animal shelter who in turn save me from myself.

I had saved Jacob from an animal shelter who in turn save me from myself.
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elued29 Premium
elued29 October 08, 2015
wonderful photo tale about friendship...
expressive mix of black and white colors...

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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken in one of my favorite places......backyard hammock.i
I really don't recall., But probably mid afternoon.
I think this is one of the very few photos I've ever taken using the camera's self timer that caught what I wanted on the first shot.
Nikon and tripod.
This what I will call a recovering part of my life. All my life I have suffered from chronic Restless Leg Syndrome. About six months before this photo I'd made up my mind that I couldn't stand the pain from the RLS any longer. So I attempted to take my own life. After a six week confinment in the funny farm I learned that life is something to be thankful for ..day by day. I was alone and wanted a companion. A dog. I went to an animal shelter and looked at a few older dogs. While outside smoking a cigarette and trying to make up my mind I decided on one I'd looked at. When I went back in that dog had been replaced in the kennel by the dog in the photo. He had just arrived having been caught in a live trap somewhere. He was back offish and wouldn't let me touch him but I wanted him. Because he was just brought in, I had to wait seven days to see if someone claimed him. I called everyday. No one claimed him. When I went to pick him up I took some treats and a friendship was kindled. I named him Jacob. It was estimated that he was approximately 6 or 7 years old. Before he left the shelter he had to be neutered which was tough on an animal that age. When he came to after the surgery I laid by his side. When I brought him home he had some swelling issues. Jacob laid by the fire for two days while I held cold/warm packs on ....you figure out where. When Jacob recovered a bond developed that can only be between a man and a dog. At first, I saw myself as saving Jacob from an unknown future, but as truth and honesty would have it be told, he saved me. We saved each other!! Winning this contest is a great tribute to Jacob and I because time passes faster on dogs than on us. This past summer I had to put him down. His health had fallen just short of not being able to do anything for him. The best I can figure is that Jacob was 19 years old. Don't know how some feel concerning humainly putting an animal down, but I look at it in this perspective. I saved him from the unknown....Jacob saved me from my own unknown. I saved Jacob this time from the pain of the known.
Yes, but just to cover Jacob's male parts.
In my camera bag
Pack different depending on shoot. I'm not a carry everything ya got photographer. Except extra batteries...maybe a light bulb. Ya know, the stuff that quits just at the wrong time.
Any photographer will tell you that a good eye is a must, but sometimes you have to go with what your heart says first. If the two work together then you have captured much more than a fraction in time. You have added "your" emotion.

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