Rocky Mountains, CO

Rocky Mountains, CO
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RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka September 26, 2015
Well composed Sarah and great detail.
SarahRoberts88 September 26, 2015
Thank you!!
Workshopphotos October 04, 2015
Any chance it is near Leadville? I was there and it looked like all of this. Great shot
SarahRoberts88 October 05, 2015
It's in Rocky Mountain National Park. Not sure if its near Leadville tho. Thanks!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Rocky Mountain National Park. Photography is my passion, specifically landscape photography because of the beautiful journey it takes me on. Its not only the technique of photography that appeals to me, but the landscape of our earth is truly inspiring.
Evening, I had been hiking all day around the mountains and stopped for a snack by this small lake. Usually on a fall evening there are quite a few hikers enjoying the nice weather and beautiful yellow aspens. But at this particular time there was no one, just me and a quiet stillness.
It was slightly overcast and the sun ducted behind a large cloud allowing for some gorgeous light and displaying a crisp reflection on the water. The perfect mirrored image of the rocks and trees captured the essence of the moment.
This was shot with my Canon 70D, 18-55mm lens on a tripod. No other equipment was used.
I was taking pictures of the lake at a wider angle until I started looking closer at all the elements around me. I noticed how the yellow aspens lead my eye right towards the rocks and their reflections. Sometimes zooming in and focusing on a small part of the scene does the moment more justice than capturing it in it's entirety.
Yes, I wanted the image to be as crisp and detailed as I saw it standing there. I bracketed 3 photos one under exposed, a normal exposure, and one over exposed and merged them together. By doing this I was able to create depth and bring out the detail in the rocks, trees, and since the water was so clear I wanted to bring out the rocks under the water as well.
In my camera bag
I consider myself an amateur photographer and as such I probably carry around more than I need. In my pack is my Canon EOS 70D, Canon 18-55mm/f3.5, Canon 55-250/f4, Canon 50mm/f1.8, and Rokinon 14mm/f2.8. I also have a remote shutter release and cleaning supplies. My bag is backpack style because my equipment can get a bit heavy so it distributes the weight evenly.
When I approach a landscape sometimes it can be hard to look beyond capturing its grandeur. While a wide angle shot is definitely a must for a landscape photographer sometimes it pays to slow down and start looking at the finer details around you. Be patient, start cropping bits and pieces of the scene in your mind and find a good composition. For this particular shot lighting was essential to capture the crisp reflection and waiting for the perfect lighting can take patience and possibly repeat visits to a location. While you are patiently waiting for the best lighting try viewing the scene from different perspectives and simply enjoy your surroundings.

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