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Behind The Lens

I live close to the water along the coast in Queensland, Australia...luckily this provides unlimited photo opportunities...whatever time of day...whatever the weather...whatever the season.
Late afternoon...high tide.
Late afternoon or early mornings always provides that magical light and as was the case with this shot it was late afternoon and not too glary so I didn't have to worry too much about overexposure.
I always carry my camera with me and on this particular day did not have tripod with me so this image was shot with a Sony nex5r with a 55-210mm lens, hand held.
I am obsessed with coastline photography and I had originally stopped to take shots of people relaxing by the water in this particular area when I was just naturally drawn towards the water...the result being this image.
I do a little post-processing with most images...usually basic adjustments in PS.
In my camera bag
As I mentioned I always have my camera with it is the Sony nex5R and whatever lens I am loving at that particular time plus a wide angle lens.
Patience...a steady hand if not using a tripod...trying to predict when a set of waves will be coming through and to be set up and ready.

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