Villarica Volcano in chile





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janetgarden March 02, 2017
Looks like they are walking on the moon. Pretty awesome!

Behind The Lens

This photography was taken on the Villarrica volcano in Chile, 3 months before the eruption. I made his ascent in December 2014, the snow has now melted and its appearance is very different. In reaching its peak at 2847m the temperature drops to -15 degrees and odors of sulfur compel you to wear a mask. It is in these extremes conditions that I discover a beautiful landscape, timeless and I will realize my insignificance against this natural monster.
It was at 7 AM, the sky was blue with no clouds and the snow was white. It was an amazing contrast.
I wanted to use the black and white because the sky was a little boring with no clouds but it's very well like that...
It was a Canon 700D with a 50mm lens. It's very useful when you made an ascent with a lot of Mountaineering equipment because it's a good lens for the light and it's not heavy.
In french we call that "être au bon endroit au bon moment" (Literally "Be at the right place at the right moment"). I have seen this man alone maybe at 200-300 meters from me making his ascent, and I've seen directly the impact of this photography, man against the nature, the mountain.
Only some retouching for the black and white but not very much.
In my camera bag
I've begin my professional activity since 1 month so my gear is actually my Canon 700D, a 50mm lens (1.8) because it's not expensive and It's very useful, a 24-70 IS USM 4 because it's a very versatile lens with a macro mode and an variable ND filter. My last acquisition is a Triggertrap remote, very useful for time laps or long exposure.
The only advice that I can tell you with my little experience is to travel, explore the world or a country but not necessarily at the touristic places, try to talk with local people to find beautiful places. By example, I've found a very beautiful canyon in Bolivia with no tourists and it was amazing. I've made a 6 month trip in South america, I made Nepal and others, and at each time the best was when local people help me to travel.

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