The Mystery of a Cat





Winner in Cats in profile Photo Challenge
Winner in Cats in profile Photo Challenge
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RayYoungYHY February 04, 2016
Fascinating! This was absolutely a masterpiece. I can even feel its emotion.
AnnuO February 04, 2016
Thank you, Ray.
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden March 17, 2016
AnnuO March 18, 2016
:D Thank you!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my daughter's home in Edinburgh. I love photographing animals and as a amateur photographer I try to find new ways of photographing e.g. our family pets.
I love especially evening light. There is something more magical how it can highlight objects, create shadows and make everything look a bit special. My daughter's cat, Jonesy, was sitting on top of this little cupboard and turning its head left and right like enjoying the last rays of the evening sun. It was August 27th at 7 pm.
There was just a slight cap between the curtains so the light came through like a beam. Suddenly Jonesy turned its head nearly 180 degrees like hearing something behind and the profile of him was beautifully highlighted. The low angle of the sunlight was giving a bit of mystical feel. I was so happy to manage to catch this moment since it lasted only a few fleeting seconds.
I took this photo with my Nikon D3200, VR II lens 18-55. No flat was needed and I shot the photo handheld.
I have always photographed the family pets and trying to find chance to get good poses, angles and action. Pet photography can be quite challenging and since I am still learning the tricks of the trade, it is a double challenge for me. This is true certainly with cats since they do not obey commands but do as they wish. My inspirations comes from seeing something the pleases the eye like in this shot or tells a story or illustrates an idea.
The original photo was a colour photo, but I felt that the B&W would be more mysterious, hence the title. I also cropped the photo slightly, sharpened it a bit and adjusted a shadows to fit to my idea. I don't like overdoing the post-processing since I like natural colours more and try to keep the feeling of reality in my shots.
In my camera bag
I have a very small camera bag that just about fits in my Nikon D3200, the two lenses (VR II 18-55 and VR II 55-200) as well as a polarisation filter, remote control, some lens cleaning equipment and other bits and pops. I have a tripod as well and carry it around when I go for a targeted photo shooting, like old buildings or such.
Sometimes a few seconds can make a difference in a any photo. In animal photography one needs to have fast reactions and ready for sudden movements and changes. Also a good deal of patience is needed as well as good luck. Most of my best animal shots a pure accidents and luck. But also with time the eye develops to see better what could be a potential moment. Also practise, practise, practise! I know I have still so much to learn and that makes the photography so wonderful. There are no limits except perhaps one's imagination. For me number one rule is "Carpe diem!", be ready to take a chance any moment.

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