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BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb November 07, 2015
all-time favorite ,got my vote
Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik March 19, 2016
bellas modellos.magnificas fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a beach in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.
My favorite time of the day for my shoots is at sunrise. I got up at 4am that morning and travelled for about an hour to the location so that I could take advantage of that golden moment!
I'm a sucker for beautiful light so I alway use my Broncolor light kit. I love both hard and soft light depending on the mood I'm trying to create, so for this shot, I chose hard light.
I shot this with a Nikon D600 and used my favorite 85 mm 1.8 lens. No tripod...just got down on my stomach to get that wonderful low angle!
I love to shoot my clients to wow them! Women are my favorite subjects and my goal is to always portray them in a classy, sexy and powerful way. Jackie, shown here, is one of my friends from Brazil and she was the perfect choice for a classy black and white shot!
Absolutely! I always do skin smoothing on my subjects but I like to keep the detail while making them look great! Black and white photos are one of my favorite ways to display my images and I always include a version for my clients when applicable. Not every image deserves to be in black and white so I'm very particular!
In my camera bag
I always have my light meter, pocket wizard triggers, an 85mm prime and an ND4 filter.
I like shooting when the sun is low in the sky and I'll counter with enough of my own light to keep the ambient in check. I love a blurred background so distance from the subject is key for me so that they remain in focus and the background is thrown out. Meter your exposure so that you have less correction to do in post!

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