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To dream is to create. A photo of a statue in my garden that belonged to my father, whose creative spirit helped inspire me to pursue my own......
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To dream is to create. A photo of a statue in my garden that belonged to my father, whose creative spirit helped inspire me to pursue my own...
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lizziemellis ElenaRK wandaparsons yordanov DebbieKMiller81 NanaSue54 schunter1 +1
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DorisSeybold August 24, 2015
Ohhh - I like this one - soooo full of tenderness and love!!!!
Daisy00 Premium
Daisy00 August 25, 2015
This is beautiful nina, love it!!
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 August 25, 2015
Love this.... :)
Capture-Life August 25, 2015
i LOOVE this, Sunshine!!! :):)
I'm all about some Angels ... I got a few from my pops after he passed.. they're out side as well.. I've posted one, with a glowing dandy in her arms. hehehe! :):)
LOVE angels.. LOOVE this.. and LOVE the message and meaning behind it!! ❤
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman August 25, 2015
Stunning....a piece of your heart on display.
BrendaCrawford August 27, 2015
It is beautiful and lovely. So creative Nina... You are so very talented.
NanaSue54 PRO
NanaSue54 August 27, 2015
Just beautiful Nina!! He'd be so proud of you!!! :)
mcampi PRO
mcampi August 28, 2015
Both your parents would love your work. They left you a blank canvas to work on. You are not disappointing them.
estercastillo08 August 30, 2015
Beautiful and lovely !
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 September 12, 2015
Beautiful job Nina.
mihrt PRO+
mihrt February 20, 2016
beautiful composition, just love it.
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis April 01, 2016
Love it..voted objects:-)
gracewillmott December 28, 2017
Lovely photo- I have a challenge for Christmas angels if you are interested
laureenofscotts December 28, 2018
Nice to dream and to pursue it!

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