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Les_Nordman January 04, 2016
Ooh! Mysterious and otherworldly!
simonjoerg April 10, 2016
Very cool shot, is this upper or lower antelope Canyon?
Jessieraynard April 10, 2016
Great shot!
kellumbear April 10, 2016
Mysterious shot! Congrats on your vicotory!
AlecRip September 18, 2017
Please drop me a follow


Anthelope Canyon at its best
Anthelope Canyon at its best
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Behind The Lens

I've taken this in Utah, USA, in the Anthelope Canyon
It was at midday, when the sun gets into the canyon from the top and sunrays reach the bottom
Lighting is all natural. Not easy to manage, because of the high contrast. The most important thing is to keep the highlights in the range. And shoot raw to get the best from the shadows
Camera was Nikon D700, here with 24-70 f:2,8 lens, Manfrotto 190 Pro tripod
there are so many images of the place that i had to think: "what can i do to be original?" and i decided to focus on what i was feeling while looking at this fantastic place. I did not take any picture for a few minutes to get closer to the spirit of the place. Then i was caught by the colours and the shapes, and i started looking at geometries. All became different and i realized that i had to manage the frame in an unconventional way. Neither horizontal nor vertical, i shot according to the geometries i found.
I worked the raw file to get the best of the shadows, with camera raw, that's all
In my camera bag
I have a very variable composition of my equipment, according to the kind of images i'm for. Sometimes i force myself to have limited choice (for instance i happen to go out only with a 85mm f:1,4 set at 1,4), in other cases i tend to have extremes (ultra wide angle + long tele)
The best adived i can give is to know the place in advance, and, as i did, focus on YOUR way to represent it. And, of course, to be prepared, because you do not have much time inside, even if you take the "photo tour". Take a wide angle with you as well as a tele. And look carefully at the istograms of the images you take to see if you are not clipping highlights.

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