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4 Comments | Report
Helena_Baines August 30, 2015
Great work
Mother_Nature October 19, 2015
Nice Capture, I like the use of available light it makes it more natural--Great work
Dacemac PRO+
Dacemac October 24, 2015
A wonderful capture of textures and tone...Consider cropping to eliminate the bright area that pulls the eye away from your subject...
vojce PRO
vojce March 29, 2016
excellent shot

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Behind The Lens

This photo was actually taken just a few minutes drive from where I live, to a beach-kind-of-place. I was originally supposted to take pictures of the sunset, but then I saw the duck laying so nice and quiet on top of the seaweed. I just had to take some pictures!
As I mentioned, I was originally supposted to take pictures of the sunset, so it was pretty late I think. It's been a while since I took this picture, and can't remember the exact time, but sometime during the evening.
It was orange lighting. That's pretty much all there was. Orange lighting from the sun going down in the horizon.
On all of my images I have used my Nikon D5100. On this photo I used my huge lens (150-500mm 1:5-1.3 APO HSM lens) and then ofcourse, my tripod. It's impossible to take pictures with that lens without a tripod!
Well, the duck was just laying there - on the seaweed. I didn't plan to take pictures of it, but i'm glad I did, because (i have to admit) it's a great picture. I just love how the duck and the seaweed is the same color and how well he is camouflaged.
As a self-thought photographer (16 years old) I am not the best editor. But yes, I did some post-processing, but only in the raw-filter-editing-window-thingy haha. That's usually the only editing I do, except when I want to remove something from the picture. I guess I regret not doing something about the up-right-corner tho. I don't like it.
In my camera bag
Since I am a self taught photographer and 16 years old, I don't really have a lot of equipment. I have my camera, and this HUGE lens that I mentioned earlier. And ofcourse an tripod. And my remote shutter, and a few filters. That's it! Oh wait, I actually keep a spray-bottle with me in the bag too.
The only advice I can give is that if you spot an animal, but thinks that "this chance i will get many more times", try either way. This moment will never come again and it's important to capture whatever you find interesting and fun! A duck is common, but the opportunity and the same composition will never come more than one time in most cases.

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