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RuwanFonseka August 23, 2015
Well composed. A small boat or person may have given scale to the vista.
petrosnikolaides August 24, 2015
Thank you Ruwan :)
Inspire4More August 24, 2015
Love this beautiful work and clarity :)
petrosnikolaides August 24, 2015
Thank you :)
nina050 August 31, 2015
Stunning capture!
petrosnikolaides September 02, 2015
Thank you :)
AnitaHogue September 01, 2015
Absolutely gorgeous!
petrosnikolaides September 02, 2015
Thanks !
jos_photo December 13, 2015
maxinegrundy December 19, 2015
OMG . i used to spend my childhood holidays here ,, beautiful place ..lovely capture

The sleeping dinosaur

Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast, United Kingdom
Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast, United Kingdom
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Behind The Lens

In UK, on a 4-day photo trip in 2015. Durdle Door was a must-capture photo during my trip to United Kingdom.
I remember i had to change my photo plans for that day. I was planning to shoot street photography in London. The bad weather made me change my mind. So, i took the car, i drove for 3 hours until i reached the south coast. I was at Durdle Door near 6 o'clock in the evening. I started shooting 1 hour later.
The light was soft, a little bit windy, cloudy sky. I was very happy because the weather conditions were as i wanted to be. I was ready to create the image i had in mind.
I used my Canon 5D Mark II, based on my Gitzo tripod. The lens i used was a Carl Zeiss 21mm f/2.8. I also used 2 filters; Lee ND Grad 0.6, Lee Pink 1 Grad. I also used a Canon remote shutter release button.
The combination of sea, sky and a huge rock that reminds a sleeping dinosaur inspired me to capture this image. In a word, the composition of this seascape inspired me to take this photo.
I post - processed this photo in Camera Raw mostly (temperature, whites, blacks, contrast). In Photoshop, i did some dodging and burning in order to give a little more sharpness to the whole image.
In my camera bag
I always carry in my bag my Canon 5D Mark II, a Carl Zeiss 21mm f/2.8, a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art, a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 Mark II, a wide range of Lee and B+W filters, a Canon Remote Shutter Release, 4 16GB CF cards, 4 camera batteries, a compass, a cleaning blower, a Gitzo ball head and a Gitzo tripod by the side.
If you want to capture something similar as my photo ''The sleeping dinosaur'', the first thing you have to do is to feel the world that surrounds you in order to create. So, close your eyes... feel the wind that blows into your hair, feel the sound of the waves of the sea that they make when they crash on the rocks, feel the ground that you are standing on, feel the light of the sun that tries to pass from your closed eyes... Understand Nature's elements. are a landscape photographer.

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