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lou8wil November 26, 2015
Well deserved peoples choice winner, fab image!
nandicmb November 26, 2015
Congratulations on your People's Choice category win in Simplicity in Nature Photo Challenge!
catherinethompson April 11, 2016

Feathery Flight

Two goose feathers are reflected in the lake
Two goose feathers are reflected in the lake
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a dock in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada on my summer vacation this past year.
This was in the golden hour of early morning. I was up early with my oldest son as he was fishing and I was waiting for him to catch something so I could photograph him.
When I saw the feathers floating on the lake, I had this photo in mind. So I kept the lighting as dark as I could to capture the mood.
Canon EOS 70D with a 55-250mm lens.
I was up early with my oldest son when he went fishing. I was brought along to capture the moment of his big catch, should it happen. While I was waiting for his moment I noticed the goose feathers floating in the lake and immediately I had this image in my mind. Zen, peaceful, quiet and calm, just the morning of fishing on the lake.
I used the "unsharp" feature in Photoshop Elements 13, just enough to bring out some of the definition on the feathers, and I painted over some of the imperfections in the water so that the colouring was all the same throughout the whole photo.
In my camera bag
My camera bag always has the same 3 lenses, 55-250, 18-55 and a macro. These three seem to give me the most range and are light enough I can carry the whole bag up a mountain and not regret my choice halfway up (been there). I like the versatility that these lenses give me and have never regretted carrying all 3.
Like most of my really great photos, they just happen and I don't plan them. So my advice would be to always have your eyes open and your powers of observation firing. You have to be able to see the extraordinary photo where everyone else just sees the basics. Be observant to your surroundings and you will find "art in the everyday".

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