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nikolaihessenschmidt August 19, 2015
cool image, well done
katyvetter August 19, 2015
thank you so much!
kristinprochnow September 28, 2015
nice photo . very strong an powerful photo
katyvetter September 28, 2015
thank you!
DavidFreire October 12, 2015
Etna December 18, 2015
Beautiful shot
katyvetter December 19, 2015
Thank you so much Etna!
BrunoHeeb January 16, 2016
all-time favorite ,amazing shot
nandicmb January 17, 2016
Congratulations on winning the Your best shot-2015 Photo Challenge!
bridgetrendall January 18, 2016
Great win well done for this awesome photograph that breathes life :)
AshleyGoverman January 18, 2016
Congrats Katy! Love this one!
joycealicesmith January 18, 2016
Great image! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
adavies July 10, 2016
Incredible image! Love the pov! Great job! :)
Pbknphotography July 10, 2016
Superb shot.superb compose
keithfey January 27, 2017
Well composed and beautifully lit, I like your leading lines and choice of lane 4, beauty in strength.. all sorts of ideas can be conjured from your photograph.. Well done Regards keith
JT_Foulds August 11, 2017
Awesome shot. #girlpower
Pete_Rowbottom September 22, 2018
great image, love this
lieberaugust September 23, 2018
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lieberaugust September 23, 2018
bobbytaylor71 September 23, 2018
A skillfully interesting/unusual well crafted image showing "Beauty in Strength" ... Excellent use of selective focus and DOF ... Congrats on your awards, well done.
love it

Beauty in Strength





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the track at the Minot High school campus in North Dakota. This is where she did a lot of her practices/training/competitions. I think it always means more to find a setting that really is important to the person, or is an area they are very familiar with/spend a lot of time.
This image was shot at one of my favorite times of day... those last few golden moments right before the sun fully sets. Those golden moments make everything glow and bring a vibrancy to an image that could otherwise be a bit dull.
I wanted to keep her lit well to draw the eye to her (those leading lines help that too). So, I used a reflector to reflect the light from the setting sun back on her face so I could keep the background vibrant while still allowing her to stand out.
I shot this image with my Canon 5D Mark iii, with my 24-70 Canon L lens attached. I did not use flash. I did use a fill reflector (camera right) to bounce light back onto her face.
She is a very athletic girl that is in a variety of sports. She wanted to showcase that, and her strength, in one shot. I loved that we could be on the track to incorporate the leading lines and her favorite lane to run in.
I used Photoshop elements 9 to process this image as well as Digital Photo Professional to adjust in RAW and convert to JPEG. The sky was added in post processing... although it was already lit with red and gold hues. I was able to put the other sky in at a low opacity to blend it a bit better. I then used the burn tool to darken the edges to add some depth. I wanted a bit of clouds in the sky to add drama.
In my camera bag
I shoot almost solely with my Mark iii and my 24-70 lens. I do, however, keep my Canon t2i and a 50mm prime with me at all times as well. I sometimes use a speed light for fill flash. But, I generally use just natural light and reflectors.
One thing I have learned for more dramatic shots is to be very particular about when you shoot. I knew I wanted this shot to be done when there was color in the sky and low light that could be bounced back.

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