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Skate session in Ericeira skatepark

Skate session in Ericeira skatepark
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didar_chy January 21, 2019
lieberaugust January 23, 2019
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lieberaugust January 23, 2019
Schitterend, prachtig via dit lage standpunt
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot January 23, 2019
Super cool!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in only skatepark in Ericeira, Portugal. In a sunny day and the light reflect everywhere in the concrete.
Because of the heat and sun, the skatepark can be really hot, so the best time skate is in the morning or after 5pm and the photo was take after 5pm. Not easy with the sun always in front to the lens
In this conditions i dont think you can be really worry with the light. Sun always shinning strong, not to much shadows just the problem you are taken photos directly to the sun , that make the subject always dark. But because of the reflection of the ligh always help to the subject dont be so dark.
I use my old canon 7D and a Samyang 8mm manual. No tripod because i follow the skater
Well because when i was young i used to skate and read a lot of skate magazines. So my idea is always to take old school skate photos
Yes, always do a bit of post.processing and in this case the photo was taken in colors and than with software i do a little of post-processing and putted in black and white
In my camera bag
For this kind of photos i try to take the less i can, so just the camera and the samyang 8mm and of course batterys and cfcard. Sometimes i take the Canon 100-400 but 95% of the skate photos is with Samyang 8mm
Well like me, an photographer amateur the best thing we can do is take photos and realize the best settings for each momment and nothing better than know very well machine and lens and what each settings do. Im always in manual, always try new things, diferent settings for the same momment. If you not try you cant do it.

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