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Flosno March 21, 2016
Excellent clarity in this close up shot
Johnny_G_Photography March 25, 2016
Sharpness and detail is spot on. I love it

The dinosaur





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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph in my studio in Greater Manchester, I am a self taught freelance photographer.
This photograph was taken mid afternoon after I had just given my Bearded Dragon @teddy_the_beardeddragon a bath to warm him up so his colours would be as bright as possible for his mini shoot,
I didn't use any lighting equipment when taking this photograph I used natural light from the window, but the window is lightly frosted so created a soft lighting effect.
I used a Canon EOS 650D with a 50mm Canon lenses pretty simple and straightforward.
I just love animal photography an have a massive addiction to reptiles because of fascination with Dinosaurs that I've had since being a child.
In my camera bag
I always carry my 'nifty fifty' with me at all times that's a must for my camera bag
With reptiles you always need to have patience because they can be quite difficult because they aren't like a dog or a cat they are either hyper or stubborn but be persistent an you'll eventually get your perfect shot.

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