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Ending things is most of the time not easy. It makes it easier when the passion is gone. My fire has weakened for Viewbug, but not for the friends I made this y...
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Ending things is most of the time not easy. It makes it easier when the passion is gone. My fire has weakened for Viewbug, but not for the friends I made this year.
I carry a heart filled with all my friends.
Thank you!
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Roussou August 03, 2015
All of the best for your future plans, we will miss you and your little friends
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman August 03, 2015
Will miss you terribly....THANK you for all the smiles and laughter.
Roach1969 August 03, 2015
Sorry to see you go. I totally enjoyed your creative talent and your STUNNING photos. Best wishes for your future ventures. Onwards and upwards :D
cmlppphotos PRO+
cmlppphotos August 03, 2015
Happy for you...sad for the rest of us.
CozmicKarol PRO
CozmicKarol August 05, 2015
Sorry to see you go too but best of luck in all you do. It's been a pleasure viewing your unique & creative photos
Pauljeno August 06, 2015
Sorry to see you go as although I have not always been able to view your gallery fully, your creativity and fantastic images will be missed. Hope you return once again some day. Al the best. Paul.
emilystraw August 08, 2015
Thats a great shame but all the best for the future. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful work.....very inspiring for a beginner
dareco August 08, 2015
Oh no!!! WHY I haven`t been on much but just stopped in and find this.
Parallel August 09, 2015
Such a pity.
clach Ultimate
clach August 09, 2015
Will miss your skill, fun and squirrels very very much - thank you for the massive contribution you have made to this site and good luck for whatever you embark on next. Fiona.
LUsherLamacraft Premium
LUsherLamacraft August 15, 2015
Sad to see you leaving. Your images are so creative and a joy to look at. Good luck with whatever you choose to do next!
hugh August 19, 2015
Best wishes and thanks.
HeleneDutranois August 24, 2015
I am so sad to see you go. Good luck for your future endeavours.
janvanheerden September 03, 2015
Sorry to see you go however best of luck.
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden September 09, 2015
Are you serious? We will miss you!! Best of luck...
Kind regards, Eelco.
onyanita PRO+
onyanita September 10, 2015 can't leave us. I will miss your amazing photos. I wish you the very very best in your future ventures. xoxoxoxo
Wayne2photos September 16, 2015
Best of Luck on your journey! Sorry to see you leave!
Parallel September 27, 2015
Hej my friend Geert.
May be necessary to kill this work and to be with us again? I hope this is good idea, no? :))
laurenkaymyers Premium
laurenkaymyers October 04, 2015
I just stopped by to see what you have been up to and see that you are leaving Viewbug. Thanks for sharing your talent and good luck in the future. I will miss your creative work. Lauren
spacenut October 15, 2015
Sorry you are leaving, I just seen your photos in the Irish Daily Star and stop by to say well done. Good luck with everything you do.
owlingdog October 29, 2015
Geert! I hope we continue to stay in touch through other venues! Such a great photographer and nice guy!! :)
janland PRO+
janland November 01, 2015
Sorry to see you are leaving us @ VB!? Will miss your wonderful whimsical squirrels and your creative vision! Good luck and take care Geert! Regards Jan
UnkleFrank November 01, 2015
The best of luck to you. I enjoyed your creativity and professionalism.
mcampi PRO+
mcampi November 20, 2015
Your photos are an inspiration. Your incredable creations will liive on forever and I wish you the very best. I ccan only hope another fire lights your heart as much as this one has. Please stop by and view your old friends and let us know how your doing, god speed my friend. Mark
Hood PRO+
Hood December 16, 2015
SHAME TO SEE YOU GO--- All the best and keep snapping
dreamonlittledreamer December 20, 2015
no! i just found you.. gosh, i actually went through all of your 2.9k pictures! and if there were more, i would've loved to go through them too! you have such a talent with photographing these animals! and your photos have really inspired me!
frenchiepooh February 25, 2016
Glad your still here .. sublime shots
Images_By_Carlie March 05, 2016
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