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liliaalvarado August 02, 2015
wonderful capture!
andrezzahaddaway January 21, 2016
So full of joy!
nicolemarie_photography February 10, 2016
Love this! What an awesome moment you captured
waynecook February 18, 2016
Simple joys!
Pjerry February 24, 2016
candicecoghlin February 03, 2017
Love this! Such a simple one but it's full of life's wonderful moments!
AmyRebecca74 June 01, 2017
My favorite kind of photo ?? Not overdone, pure
ArberElezi July 24, 2017
jeannhugo September 07, 2017
Just can't say bubbles in an angry way. Innocence is beautiful.
marilynyoungdoherty June 29, 2018
Love this sweet child
amandabannon_0967 July 28, 2018
The joy of childhood captured perfectly






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my own kitchen! Who else would want some kid's dirty feet in their sink? ; )
Although golden light is crucial for me in most of my photos, this was one of those more "I have to get THIS moment" photos for me. This was shot midday.
The natural light from the window really lit him nicely in this one. I like how the source coming from the front and a bit from the top (a recessed light above my sink) added dimension to his face allowing you to clearly see his sincerely joyful expression.
This was taken with my Canon 6d and 50mm @ I believe 2.5.
I have four children and every single day I see them doing things that make me smile as I remember too when just simply witnessing a huge wind of bubbles come pouring from a stick was mesmerizing. I try to capture these magical moments as often as I can! I love the authenticity in the moment - and when you photograph children, it's fairly easy to see as they have trouble being anything BUT authentic!
This photo was processed much less than most of my others since it's black and white. This was done using mostly curves in PS.
In my camera bag
Currently I shoot with a Canon 6d and use either my 135mm f/2 or my 50mm f/1.4.
For a photo like this, the best approach is to watch and wait. Photographing children really is all about letting them be what they are - because what they are is already so inherently innocent and candid. Everything is magical to them! Set the stage with things that you know will encourage those moments - a simple game of Jenga with some siblings in great light coming through the window is a great example. When the tower falls, be ready to capture those looks. Let them splash in puddles and use sticks as swords - and then be ready - because the magic is already there! And what a joy and privilege to be able to capture it!

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