Looking out of my front door.

Looking out of my front door.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from the street outside our home in Christchurch New Zealand.
The time was between 6-00pm and 8-00pm, I saw the colour of the sky out my window and went out to have a look.
As far as lighting went I was still a rank beginner so I was shooting on manual.
I have a Canon 1500D and just hand held it to get a quick shot between the traffic. We lived on a busy street.
What inspired me to take this photo was the colour of the sky at the time. I hadn't seen a sky quite that orange before.
I took this photo about 8-10 years ago so my memory is not cooperating, if I did any editing it would have been check the levels and the brightness. I prefer not to do too much post-processing as I feel you can lose a lot of what you tried to capture in the first place.
In my camera bag
In my bag I have my camera and a twin lens kit and have recently added some macro rings. I also have a mini tripod and a cleaning kit. I also carry a notebook and pen in case I need to remember names and places.
If you are looking for a specific look then you will have to have lots of patience and choose the right place to get the angle. I am a bit of an opportunist with these types of photos, I see the clolours and make a run for the camera and then pretty much just point and push before I lose them.

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