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jimhelmick April 29, 2016
Very cool photo.
JordanSuter May 01, 2016
i would love to walk trhough this area. well done
annmor May 01, 2016
Excellent photo! Love it!
JDLifeshots May 17, 2016
Very unique capture! Congrats.
wild-west May 17, 2016
Definitely one of my favorite times to shoot. You hit it perfectly. Great job!
ultita May 29, 2016
Wonderful photo. Congrats
carolcardillo October 14, 2016
Congrats on your Awards for this cool shot

Urban Light





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken a Urban Light, a popular public art installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.
This was taken during blue hour, around 6pm. I had spent the day at the museum with my boyfriend, and we were taking photos at Urban Light from different spots, playing with different angles, just having fun. I set up my camera and tripod next to the curb in the street, and didn't spend a lot of time taking bracketed shots, perhaps 10 minutes. Even though I was in a red zone, there were cars pulling up to let people out in front of the installation, and I had to be mindful of that
The installation lights up at sunset, and the lights against the deep blue sky at blue hour is simply beautiful.
I used a Canon 40D, a Canon EF-S10-22mm lens, a Manfrotto tripod that I no longer have, so I don't remember the model.
Urban Light is this illuminated oasis in a city where you don't see a lot of people outside of their cars, particularly at night, just walking around. Urban Light has gotten people out of their cars and outdoors to enjoy this bright little spot in a part of town that can seem abandoned at night, which is wonderful. And it's a beautiful sight.
This is a 3 three exposure HDR image that I processed using Photoshop and HDR Efex pro using RAW files.
In my camera bag
Since I have a bad habit of over-packing my camera bag, I'm trying real hard to carry less. So, these day, what I typically have is my trusty old Canon 40D, a Canon 17-40mm lens, a Canon 24-105mm lens, a 28mm prime, and a MeFoto Backpacker tripod, which folds up small enough for me to put into my camera bag.
Photographing public art is a lot of fun, and it's great to spend time getting a feel for the installation, finding angles that you like, and just enjoying the art itself, that's why it's there after all. The process of figuring out how you want to present the piece is important and taking time to enjoy it shouldn't be rushed. If you can take that time, take it.

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