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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken one late summer afternoon on The Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
I am so lucky to reside not far from this pier, so one late afternoon went for a relaxing photo walk, fell in love with the water movements and decided to capture the moment
The sun was setting behind me on a partially cloudy day, so I took advantage of the natural ambient light.
Nikon D600, A Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8, Hoya ND filter, Gitzo Tripod, and a wireless remote shutter release
For me the love and passion for photography stems from the deeper connections which are created when connecting to the subject. For these reasons my favorite subjects to photograph are in nature where I seem to loose myself in the present moment and enter a state of meditation. This I believe is the medicine of photography and why so many of us is drawn to this art which puts us in harmony with the spirit of the natural world. A state of single pointed concentration where we can find a stillness, quietude, a silence and even inner peace especially when we capture that magic moment
I shoot in RAW, basic adjustments in Lightroom cc, transfered to Nik Silver effect pro for Contrast and minor adjustments
In my camera bag
The gear I carry on my walk are Nikon D600, My three lenses in case of need as I have no definite plan as to what to photograph....Nikkor 24-70 mm F2.8 ,Nikkor 70 -200 mm f2.8, Nikkor 70-300mm f4.0, Hoya ND filters, Polariser, Wireless remote shutter release. Gitzo tripod.
First of all is practice, practice, practice!! No amount of watching YouTube and reading will truly teach you how to master photography. I believe it comes from experience. The more familiar you are with the camera the more attention you can place on painting with light and capturing the moment. Also to be absorbed by the surroundings in search of light and to capture the beauty of life in this magical world. This I believe is the medicine of nature photography and why so many of us are drawn to this art, which allows us to connect deeper in harmony with nature. In this particular photo I became enchanted by the endless flow and movement of the sea which is never still. The smooth soft lines of nature were highlighted by the straight structured lines of man. As the Sun's gentle rays began to fade I enjoyed the shimmering tones as the waves returned back to the sea.

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