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Angels Camp, CA....Texture from Kerstin Frank Art on flickr.....Photoshop CS6

Angels Camp, CA....Texture from Kerstin Frank Art on flickr.....Photoshop CS6
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CanadianOutlaw July 27, 2015
Tranquil !
lauriesearch July 27, 2015
Thank you so much, CanadianOutlaw!! :)))
revack September 14, 2015
Very lovely scene and very well captured.
simonparry PRO+
simonparry February 13, 2019
Beautiful capture..
lauriesearch February 13, 2019
Thank you very, very much, Simon!!! :)))

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Behind The Lens

I took this in Angels Camp, CA, in Calaveras County. It's such a beautiful area!
I think it was late morning/early afternoon.
The light was not fantastic! It was coming from behind some of those trees, and because of that, and because I was most concerned with the foreground being exposed properly, the sky got a little too blown out (which I fixed). It was a difficult shooting situation!
I just used my Canon 5D Mark II and my Canon 24-105 L-series lens.
My husband and I were away on a little weekend trip, and the places that I had researched and come up with to photograph turned out to be not so great. We were on our way to meet some family, and I saw that we were driving right along this river, and I just had to get out and grab some shots! So I had my husband pull over! I'm usually pretty drawn to water.
Yes, I did. Earlier I mentioned the sky getting a little too blown out. Well, in this case, adding a texture layer in Photoshop killed two birds with one stone: It helped add a wonderful mood, and it also sort of hid that blown out sky!
In my camera bag
I usually don't like to carry much with me when out on a shoot. I generally have my camera and my 24-105mm lens, extra batteries, extra memory cards, a remote timer/trigger, a circular polarizer filter, a neutral density filter, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning my lens. If my husband is with me, he carries my tripod and another lens, if needed.
In general, try not to shoot in the direction of the sun! But sometimes that's where the best scene is. I would definitely say don't post images with blown out skies, though. If you can't fix it, don't post it.

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