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The most Photographed tree in NZ

Lake Wanaka Central Otago, New Zealand

Lake Wanaka Central Otago, New Zealand
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roblawrence PRO+
roblawrence December 28, 2015
Thanks to all that ticked this shot Happy New Year all
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 April 04, 2016
awesome shot...Congrats!
roblawrence PRO+
roblawrence April 05, 2016
Thanks to all the voted for this shot Cheers and thanks

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Behind The Lens

Photo Taken at Wanaka Central Otago South Island New Zealand
It was after the sun was fully up about 6:00 20/May/2015 Remember those in the Northern Hemisphere May is fall.. In fact it snowed on the tops the next day.
Early light is always interesting and driven by what clouds ,time of year, etc will add to the warm and shadows it brings. There are far better experts to listen to regarding light..... but I like the couple of hours at the start and end of the day .
Nikon D7100 Tokina 16-28mm F 2.8 I did use my Manfrotto Tripod
The day was still .....The reflections can be interesting and can vary with lake level. It was low this time of year. We were down over last Easter and due to the rain the water level was up touching the low branch. This tree is perhaps the most photographed tree in NZ !!!! There have been so many excellent shots taken of this scene by some great photographers. Some with starry southern lights backgrounds etc . I don't consider myself a Landscape photo catcher. (I really like Seabirds) If you look close there are some Black-billed gulls and Mallards are in the background. I took one from the left side earlier when the sun was just coming up and there were 30 odd others taking the same tree. Almost a case of taking a ticket and standing in the que.
Some cropping and resizing but that was about all
In my camera bag
I just had the camera and tripod that morning. Normally the bag has Nikon 200mm f4 and the Tokina 16-28mmf2.8. There is a teleconverter 1.4 in the bag (somewhere) various lens brushes spare batteries (3) and some extra 32GB SD cards Water and sunscreen (Skin Technology ) The sun is furious in NZ !!
Just being in the right place at the right time is a key........ Plus a huge portion of luck.. so if you are wondering if you should have go at what you think might be interesting opportunity ...... do it I always like quotes from Starwars "Do or Do not..... There is noTry" Yoda The birds take patience and presistence as any wildlife subject do. Good things trees can not move but the light at the moment makes the day (and the photo) Cheers and thanks to all the voted for the shot I feel very privileged be able to share my world and have you enjoy it Rob Lawrence

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