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julierikerdant January 05, 2014
OMGoodness ED! Such fantastic and out of this world colors! Beautiful, mister!
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 05, 2014
Well this one is hanging on my wall now and I can't stop staring at it! :) I just love those shapes and colors!
maureenrueffer January 05, 2014
Fabulous composition, lighting, everything!! It's a great abstract of a beautiful natural place.
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 05, 2014
It's one of my favorites! Thanks!
rong792 January 05, 2014
Looks like flowing fabric. Incredible detail. Very well done.
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 06, 2014
I just must agree with you here! All those slot canyon walls looks like some colorful fabric! And those tones! From dark to light from violet blueberry to red and yellow! From bottom to top they changes. I have heard than in some slot canyons you can get green tones too.
maureenrueffer January 05, 2014
Oh great! I am glad this is displayed in your home, it's a beautiful image!
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 06, 2014
Thank you! Yeah! Decide to print for my personal records too! :) lol
Zeke January 06, 2014
WOW is not a big enough word for this Masterpiece Ed!
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 06, 2014
WOW! Thank You! Glad you like it!
diporzio January 12, 2014
this too is beautiful. Congrats
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 12, 2014
Thank You!
pat-rice440 January 13, 2014
mesmerizing image, so dramatic!
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 13, 2014
I love it too! By the way! I printed it for my self too! :)
michellewermuth January 14, 2014
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 14, 2014
brentmorris January 23, 2014
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 23, 2014
Thank You do much! :)
lindywalker January 29, 2014
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 29, 2014
Thank You Lindy! ;)
haidersalih January 29, 2014
so glad to see such a wonderful work by your eyes and the nature that created both.
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 29, 2014
Thank You! Appreciate your visit!
Tomek February 03, 2014
amazing colours and textures!!! Great composition as well! A masterpiece!
Bevysue February 11, 2014
Love this! Amazing colors and texture.
Ed_Erglis_Photography February 11, 2014
I don't know why but this one is my favorite too!!!
debcoimages February 11, 2014
This is stunning Ed! I have some images of Antelope Canyon but nothing like this. Superb work.
Ed_Erglis_Photography February 11, 2014
Thanks! I just do t know where exactly I found this composition! :))
carlosmaciel February 19, 2014
absolutely fantastic colors! Great job!
Ed_Erglis_Photography February 19, 2014
Thank you Carlos!!! Appreciate your visit!
Handyreis11 March 14, 2014
Just amazing
Ed_Erglis_Photography March 19, 2014
Thank you! :)
paulvroom March 22, 2014
Ed_Erglis_Photography March 22, 2014
Yeah! Thanks! This is my favorite too! So simple to be boring!
absaroka March 23, 2014
This is absolutely stunning!!
Ed_Erglis_Photography March 23, 2014
Thank you so much! :)
dondurante March 27, 2014
Fantastic Shot! Antelope Canyon is at the top of my photographic bucket list. Any advice on time of year and or day or anything else for such an excursion?
Ed_Erglis_Photography March 27, 2014
Yes ill pm you! Too much to list. :)
randallnott April 03, 2014
My favorite in your whole gallery, and you make that a hard choice to make.
Ed_Erglis_Photography April 04, 2014
:)) well you made the same choice I did! :))
tjambga May 15, 2014
Ed_Erglis_Photography May 15, 2014
Thank You so much! I love your work too! :)
aldisozols June 20, 2014
izcils darbs
JulianneBradford January 12, 2016
Just gorgeous! Congrats
Ed_Erglis_Photography January 17, 2016
Thank You so much! :)

Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope slot canyon in colors, Page, AZ

Lower Antelope slot canyon in colors, Page, AZ
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