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kiraballerina PRO
kiraballerina July 29, 2015
(Though I hope he isn't eating a pulled pork sandwich!!!) lol ;)
russcook PRO
russcook July 31, 2015
That pork looks well and truly pulled!!
A very funny candid shot!
Oceanblue22 August 06, 2015
Where was this taken...
geomad August 20, 2015
nice shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeffswanson September 01, 2015
What a fun image. Great shot.
modelmeemaw Premium
modelmeemaw September 23, 2015
Enjoyed the chuckle, thanks!
AZPhotos PRO+
AZPhotos November 04, 2015
This is totally hilarious!!!
ntgreen November 27, 2015
Every picture tells a story and this one speaks volumes :D Great!
JJConstantine PRO
JJConstantine January 17, 2016
If he only knew what the owner was eating... :)
ZachEddy January 25, 2016
OMG...Great shot
CSKphotography February 06, 2016
Love! Great Shot!!!
Marcott February 06, 2016
Love this photo! I saw the fellow sitting there and scrolled down - what a great surprise!!
joecas PRO
joecas February 17, 2016
this is very unusual!Great capture Congrats!
pattibearup June 24, 2016
What a great candid shot Ed! Love it!
Treecy August 09, 2016
Great capture...love it!!!!!!!
hfdmama October 05, 2017
This is the best photo I've seen today! This made me smile & then laugh out loud. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! :-)
Chiaroscurist September 30, 2018
Yummy bacon sandwich...
toddjudd PRO+
toddjudd January 16, 2020
Thanks for entering my challenge! What a cool shot!
egifford PRO
egifford November 18, 2020
I really like this crop better, simplifies!

Behind The Lens

It was amazing to come upon this scene last May walking around Boston with my wife when my she and I were staying in her friend's Beacon Hill apartment, taking care of the friend's seventeen-year-old cat.
It was Sunday morning approaching lunch--or brunch--time. Next to the pig on the sidewalk, propped against the building, was a blackboard with a promotion written in chalk for "Hangover Brunch!"
The lighting was set up for me with the pet owner and his pig in the daylight and the nicely contrasting darker interior of the restaurant behind them.
I used my iPhone 5, which I'd had then for just over a year and which I've used for all of the pictures I've posted on ViewBug.
It was an amazing moment to capture. I took two shots. In the first one, the pig was shifting its position. I was slightly behind the man and facing the pig. For the second shot (the one I posted on ViewBug) I was lined up to catch them each in profile, facing opposite directions, with the man picking up a fry to eat it.
The only post-processing I did was cropping the picture to focus on the man and the pig. I've since posted a closer to full-frame version on ViewBug that shows the blackboard with the brunch promotion.
In my camera bag
The beauty of just using my iPhone 5 is there's no bag to carry and I'm always ready to shoot in available light or with flash.
For candids like this, as soon as I spot the potential image, the keys to getting a good shot are holding my iPhone steady and clicking off a few shots to capture the right moment. I shoot vertical images one-handed, with my my elbow relaxed and steadied against my body.

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