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VictorySong July 05, 2015
This is adorable.
jennifersummer July 22, 2015
sverrirg August 19, 2015
awsome photo,, well done
jennifersummer August 20, 2015
Thank you!
wolfgangkorazija October 25, 2015
So Amazing
angelapricedelaney October 28, 2015
Far to cute!
oleksandrakazymirska November 01, 2015
Sooooooo cute!
sharonmeyers December 03, 2015
Congratulations - this is an amazing photo.
jennifersummer December 03, 2015
Thanks so much, everyone! I am so happy and honored that this photo was selected among such lovely images. I am very grateful!
FrankSomma December 04, 2015
Marvelous Jennifer. So well done, Those tiny books....oh my! Congrats!!
mrlarrys December 04, 2015
Very well done, Congratulations!
Jillybean56 December 07, 2015
What an amazing and creative photo. Congrats on your win. Jill
nandicmb December 08, 2015
Congratulations on winning the Cuteness Overload Photo Contest!
Tiff February 10, 2016
Adorable shot... Well done!
GunnShots February 11, 2016
Congratulations, must have taken a lot of setting up and patience. Is the hamster reading "The Tail Of Two Cities"?
debbietintle February 14, 2016
Love it!
cyrillinegoodman September 15, 2016
Wonderful capture. Sooooo cute.
alexroibu October 15, 2016
TheresaMarchione March 29, 2017
I love, love this photograph. He reminds me of Bob Cratchit from A Christmas Carol.
MaryAnne306 April 22, 2017
How adorable. And how very creative. Congratulations on your awards.
kathyk_abq September 02, 2017
Wonderfully creative image! Just adorable!
keepclicking November 19, 2018
Brilliant, very creative.

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo of my mother's hamster at her home in 2011. Her hamster, Claire Bear, was a very beloved pet. My mother has a vast collection of trinkets and knick-knacks and I really wanted to take photos of Claire using some of them as props. And this one of her seated at the desk turned out to be my favorite.
This was taken in the late afternoon, indoors, during the summer.
The photo was backlit with a window bright behind Claire and the desk and the soft, diffused lighting was ideal for the subject and mood.
I believe I shot this with my Nikon D3 35mm lens.
I absolutely adore animals and I love tiny details. The hamster and the desk combined both of these loves into one and I just had to shoot them together.
I did very minimal processing on this. I believe I only bumped the contrast a bit and left the rest alone. I wanted it to stay simple and pure.
In my camera bag
I am never without my Canon 5D Mark III and 50 f/1.2 lens and my +10 macro filter kit. They are my holy grail items! I also have a Nikon D3.
The best way to get these types of shots is to really get up close and have your camera/lens come into the world you're trying to capture. Don't be an outside observer. You have to put yourself inside the scene.

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