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billwhittle July 10, 2015
Your very good at what you do.
Iwona July 31, 2015
thank you so much!
nikolaihessenschmidt August 03, 2015
Love it, and love your work, this photo really show the magic that is the childs mindset!
sarahronquillo August 20, 2015
I love your photos and the magic, dreamy feel of it!
Iwona August 20, 2015
thank you! yes I love capturing magic of childhood :)
paigephotography November 13, 2015
How soft this is. I love it. It is truly a beauty. I love the emotion it creates and the story. I would love for you to enter it in my challenge called Emotional Body Language. It is open to people and to animals so a wide diversity. I am looking for photos that create emotion, that have emotion, that have a story, that has great body language etc.... I was told though that those who have entered that they were only able to find it through my profile. So you would have to go to my profile to challenges to created. should be the only challenge there.
eddiaz November 16, 2015
absolutely perfect!
CeePar05 November 25, 2015
Lighting and contrast is perfect. Image has a commercial ad feel to it.
ReneeBlake November 27, 2015
Love this !
sergeyfomenko December 03, 2015
philliphaumesser December 17, 2015
Beautiful capture! Amazing light!!
Simon-London December 21, 2015
Beautiful shot :)
joycealicesmith February 01, 2016
Great capture! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
kathymuhle February 14, 2016
Beautiful soft light and a boy lost in make believe! Congrats on all your winnings!
jettahlily008 February 17, 2016
My apologies! I wanted to give you the Genius award, but the options button didn't open up properly! !!! Genius Award & Beautiful lighting!!! :)
shema March 14, 2016
love this!
conniefisher_3790 April 15, 2016
Absolutely wonderful
ashe May 01, 2016
so simple and pure
Betty_A September 21, 2016
Absolutely wonderful and magical shot. Congratulations on your wins!
adavies October 05, 2016
Great image...beautifully captured! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Fun and Games challenge:)
https:// viewbug.com/challenge/fun-and-games-photo-challenge-by-adavies
billkaufman May 20, 2018
Wow, all of your Photos are beautiful. Great talent.
RamyDelariarte May 24, 2018
CC1975 May 28, 2018
So lovely!
RamyDelariarte June 08, 2018
keepclicking Jan 21
Fantastic image, light, composition all first rate.

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in his own little world of dreams nothing is impossible
in his own little world of dreams nothing is impossible

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at home.
I was early afternoon. My kids were playing at home waiting for dinner.
This was natural light only. Light was coming from the window next to the table and through a curtain. The curtain made it softer. The shiny table reflected the light and lighten nicely the shadowed side of his face.
I used a sony A77 and Sony 35mm 1.8 lens, no other equipment was used.
I saw my son playing and that wonderful light coming from the window and I knew I needed to photograph that scene. It was rather spontaneous. I love it because I when I look at it I feel like I can take a little step into my sons little world of dreams and imagination.
I did some post processing. I wanted to enhance the feeling of that glorious light something from the window so I basically lighten up the right side of the photo and darkened down the left side. To make the reflection more visible I added some clarity there. I also sharpened the important parts of the scene such as the eyes and the cars.
In my camera bag
I usually have my Sony A7 and three lenses: Zeiss Sonnar 135mm 1.8, Samyang 85mm 1.4 and Sony 50mm 1.4. I usually carry some things for the kids as well: some extra clothes, something to drink for them, sometimes even small toys.
Just watch your kids playing and let them be themselves. This way you will be able to photograph real life scenes. Look for the best light at home. Usually somewhere by the window. Also pay attention to reflections. Shiny surfaces such as the table or shiny floor can help you lighten the face equally.

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