The Flight Home

Now this is just typical of the stuff that happens to me these days…
So we’re flying out of Montreal last month after grandson Matteo’s baptism. I h...
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Now this is just typical of the stuff that happens to me these days…
So we’re flying out of Montreal last month after grandson Matteo’s baptism. I had like no problem with the window seat and I was really digging the view of the St. Lawrence River at dusk, feeling happy I had my camera in hand… when all of a sudden this skeletal vampire bat flies right up to my cabin window and looks me straight in the eye. Would have hit the frickin roof if my seat belt hadn’t been fastened !!
Having said that, it’s not the first time something skeletal has accompanied me out of Montreal. And probably won’t be the last neither :-)

Background: Canon EOS 5D Mk3, 24-105 L IS (yes, it is Montreal at dusk)
Bat skeleton: From my image “Dawn Execution” (he was happy to help on this :-)
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Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth June 27, 2015
Well, I never! I took all the trouble of transforming myself and flying several thousand feet up and this is what I get? LOL...your images blow my mind!
Billyboy June 28, 2015
I take your point Elyzabeth. Butu I really did get the feeling he was enjoying himself :-) Thanks for stopping by !!
Joanna101 June 29, 2015
Looks like something from a Steven King novel - one that would give me nightmares.
Billyboy June 30, 2015
Turns out the little guy was a total pussycat Joanna. But I know what you mean :-)
rturnbow Ultimate
rturnbow July 21, 2015
LOLOLOL! You are a nut and I LOVE it!
Billyboy August 22, 2015
Don't know how I missed this Randy, the universe is definitely teasing me these days… cheers for feeding my affliction once again :-)
SanamsDarkRoom July 26, 2015
hahahah nice
Billyboy July 27, 2015
The smile says it all :-) Thanks for stopping by !
terrysigns13 July 30, 2015
The look of curiosity on its face is too funny The rest of the shot is amazing! Excellent!
Billyboy July 31, 2015
I guess in the end he was as curous of me as I was of him :-) The eyes are actually from a portrait I did of my sister`s cat... just changed the color a bit and made them look... curous. Thanks for appreciating the finer points !!
Kimbrat November 26, 2015
Awesomely creative! Great for a laugh. Thank you so much for sharing your wild mind!
almoore December 08, 2015
lol...what a story!
lekahuie Ultimate
lekahuie March 02, 2017
If I see this stuff in the flight , i will be happy Cazy :)) very nice :))
Billyboy March 02, 2017
You say that now Leka, but if it actually happened to you in mid flight… your seat would probably end up as wet as mine was :-)
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