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LLOYDWRIGHT July 07, 2015
nice simple, yet striking composition, great high key effect.
JacquiScheffer July 07, 2015
Thank you! I love the fairy tale effect, if I look in her eyes, magic still happens.
ovosphotography July 28, 2015
like it!
JacquiScheffer July 28, 2015
Thank you very much.
edandaniphone Premium
edandaniphone December 10, 2015
Cool shot.
garymintz PRO
garymintz August 11, 2018
cool shot!

Behind The Lens

This photograph of beautiful Tinielle was taken at Salt Rock beach. I host a photography club for school pupils and organizes practical shoots for them. Naturally I am very eager to join and may bump a few of them out of the way to get my shot. Just kidding on the latter.
It was taken at around 14:15. That was the only time we had available for the practical shoot as the school closes at 14:00, and I had to drive the kids like mad woman to the location. Don’t stress, no kids were injured and all of them was returned safely home. The African sun was still pretty harsh and the wind was blowing like crazy. We found a nice shaded spot to take the photographs.
Tinielle has light blue eyes which are very sensitive to the harsh light. It helped her a lot to close her eyes for a few seconds and then opening them again. The best other advise might be you are not a tree, move! Find a place.
I used my Nikon D5200 with a pancake lens. Which I am totally in love with. I might be guilty of over using it. But I did not just say that out loud, and if asked will deny it profusely.
That is the wonderful part of being part of a club. You have to come up with stuff to take photographs off and you don’t need any excuses!!! It wonderful being surrounded by young individuals pushing your creativity to passivity their enthusiasm.
I just cropped a bit from the bottom of the photograph, made it black and white. I did use my magic curve tool to create more contrast and depth.
In my camera bag
Bubble-gum, you never know when you might get too close! Hahahahahahha! My camera, long lens, wide angle and my pancake lens. My cigarettes, I know, I know, I am probably the only person who still smokes on the planet. I smoke in the dark alleys, so no eyes can condemn me of any sin. And my flash. Which I don’t like to use. I much prefer natural light.
Well the best advice I ever got was to take many shots, move around your subject and change your view point to make things interesting. Let people see images in angles they are not use to seeing. It will definitely hold their attention for longer. Oh, and keep it simple. Which is not always easy, you have to think of it like getting dressed. Coco Chanel said you should take the last thing off that you have put on before going out. No I am not on meds. It works. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Viewbug for creating this amazing platform to share my passion with likeminded people. The rewards and likes justify and makes you feel legit as photographer. I get inspired and very, very jealous when I see all the talent out there. I mean, why I didn’t think of that! Hahahahahahah. Stay eager to learn, explore and inspire.

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