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rachelmackenzie May 24, 2016
Witmar May 24, 2016
I love this picture :)
michaeltillman June 02, 2016
I think simple shots are the best; specially churches and old school houses done in black&white. This shot has been done really well. It really puts you there.
RicardoBaigorria September 09, 2016
Excellent work!
johankoch April 30, 2017
Well done Ian
Chele May 03, 2017
great atmosphere
Smert August 31, 2017
Love the white build in the contrasting landscape
susandavisstrider March 24, 2018

Kohekohe Church





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Behind The Lens

The lonely Kohekohe Church is located on the Awhitu Peninsula, the southern head of the Manukau Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.
It was late in the afternoon on a rather bleak day, storm clouds had gathered and it had been raining most of the day. I was just returning from a trip to the lighthouse located at the top of the peninsula when I decided to pull over and grab a few shots.
It was the ominous dark clouds looming overhead that grabbed my attention.
This was a handheld shot taken with a Nikon D5100 and Nikkor 12-24mm lens.
It's a scene I've shot previously, but it really was the weather and heavy clouds on this particular occasion that drew me to the shot again. It's a small colonial church sitting on it's own in a open field, and that, set against stormy skies was just too hard to resist!
The RAW file was edited in Lightroom. Apart from basic adjustments (straightening etc) the image was obviously rendered to B&W and then clarity and contrast adjust to further enhance the dramatic skies. Some vignetting also applied.
In my camera bag
I travel light. D5100, Nikkor 12-24mm and 18-200mm, a couple of filters (ND and ploraizer) and a travel tripod.
Many shots are simply about 'right place, right time'. This was one of those. I opted for a fairly minimalist approach on this occasion. There were other items nearby, fence, gate etc that could have added foreground interest but I thought at the time that would compromise the isolated and lonely feel to the scene.

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