Chillin' Babe

I love the chunky little arms on this wee one.

I love the chunky little arms on this wee one.
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lisaladouceur August 28, 2016
Nice job!

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Behind The Lens

I am a newborn photographer. Chillin Baby was photographed in my studio in San Diego using natural light. The baby is snuggly lying on her back amongst towels and blankets. I like all my newborns to be sound asleep as I love the angelic look of sleeping babies. Plus, awake babies just move around way too much for them to be completely in focus.
I start all my newborn shoots at 10. This is when the best light is in the studio and it also seems to work well for the babies. Moms come in with a wide awake baby who hasn't been fed for a couple of hours. They are HUNGRY and most likely MAD! Just how I like them because then they will eat and eat and fall soundly asleep so I can get to work creating amazing portaits for mom and dad.
My studio window is north facing so I have beautiful, soft light most of the day. I have a large bay window to the left of the image which baths the baby in soft light. I don't like harsh shadows on my baby's faces so I make sure my camera setting provide enough light to completely light their little faces.
I use a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm macro lense for my newborn portaits.
I just love how snug babies look when they are tucked in so I created a small set where baby could be tucked in to like like she was in bed. This particular baby was especially cooperative so when I decided to create a sleepy time image with a more kicked back feel, I raised her arms above her head and placed her hands under head. Her dad says she actually enjoys sleeping this way so it was a natural pose to her. Mom laughed and said, "Like father like daughter. You sit exactly like that when you chill out watching sports!" So we decided to call this image "Chillin Babe"
The only post-processing I did on this image to was clean up any blemishes or eye goobers (technical term). She was a pretty perfect baby!
In my camera bag
It depends on what I'm shooting. I do newborns, families and headshots but I also love to photograph flowers as well as travel images. I am not a big equipment person. I keep it pretty pared down. I usually only have my Mark II, one 24-105mm lens, my 50mm macro and a 70-200mm. I also carry a flash with an off-camera bracket, a polarizing filter, a dark neutral density filter, extension tubes, and of course lots of batteries.
Have patience! This was the hardest for me to learn. Wait until baby is really asleep before trying to pose them or you will just keep waking them up. Also, keeping mom at a distance helps to keep baby from wanting to nurse. I do all the soothing and holding when trying to get baby asleep if they wake up when I'm working with them. Also prepping mom to bring a tired, hungry baby to the session helps.

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