Engagment shoot for a couple

Engagment shoot for a couple
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Snowies May 16, 2015
So sweet!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a park near my house, for a couples engagement shoot. They are two close friends of mine, so the shoot was very relaxed.
It was taken around 4/5 pm
This is all natural lighting... my fav kind of lighting... I love back lighting, so I start there by placing the couple in the space, and then I tend to move around until I find the ideal spot.... once the lighting is right, then you can start to play.
Handheld I think I used my canon 5Diii with a 50mm 1.4
They were such a fun couple and with that in mind - I always set out to shoot with a few ideas of some shots, so I always have things like bubble or sparklers with me... but it’s mostly a spur of the moment thing... and the available light that inspires me.
I think I just warmed the shot up with the temp slider... and darkened the edges... that was it.
In my camera bag
I have my canon 5Diii- it’s such a workhorse of a camera... Then I have a 50mm 1.4, a 70-200mm 2.8 and a 24-105mm. My youngnu flash and some triggers... anything else I hire
My advice to you would be timing and light... the two most important things... Place your subjects in the most attractive area of light... a shaft of sunlight always works well. I always tell my subject to move around until they can feel the sunlight hitting the back of their head. Get your subjects in focus and then just tell them to interact with each other... talk to each other... laugh with each other... you almost want them to forget that you are there... that’s when I find you get the most beautiful images..

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