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kc_shutterbug May 20, 2015
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Johannesburg, South Africa on a Sunday afternoon while doing some group photography in the city.
It was early afternoon and the model was seated on a couch at a sidewalk cafe.
As the location was in the shade, I used 2 x portable off camera speedlights mounted on stands, one with a red filter attached
Canon EOS 7D was used, with a Canon 24 - 105 mm lens, set to a focal length of 56mm. The camera was handheld on Manual mode with an F-stop set at f/4, shutter speed of 1/20sec, ISO 200 and auto WB. 2 x Canon speedlights, off camera on a stand with a red filter attached to the one on the right hand side of the model.
The ambience just felt right for a natural looking photograph. For some time, I wanted to use a coloured filter and the shade of the models hair tend to lead itself to the use of a red filter, in my opinion. I set up my shot while the rest of the group were taking photos of the same model in the same position. This allowed me to shoot the photo without the model looking directly at the camera, which made it look more natural.
As this was originally a full length photograph of the model, seated on the couch, I did use Photoshop CS6 to crop closer onto only her face.
In my camera bag
I normally have the following stuff in my backpack. Two cameras (a 7D and a 760D), my Canon 24-105 mm, a Sigma 70 - 300 mm and a Canon 50 mm lens. Two Canon speedlight flash lights. Some color filters for the speedlights. Spare batteries for both the cameras and the speedlights.
Concentrate on the settings of your camera to get the best use out of the available light. Enhance the light with your own lighting, it doesn't have to be expensive heavy lighting equipment, but be careful where it is placed. Ensure you have a bright light on the models face and then highlight other areas of her with colored lighting, if you want. This will result in her not ending up with an overly red face and a brilliant shine to her hair

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