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Staff Winter Selection 2015
Superb Composition
J241987 fredsmac jlappen larryollivier Raglan33 dhruvmisra vbmelannx31547901 +21
Top Choice
Priorityjules lkeyser ginorecchia graciebradley whitedeer elenasimcock Sheri_Stanley +7
Peer Award
sonjalavigne afonsochabyrosa susobhan007 meganhaderphotography anjavanderdonk jonjuengel
Absolute Masterpiece
Mij gregorybell lailou53 AnnuO vickiecrosbyharmon
Outstanding Creativity
3707 Pixelbug fotofond 1656whitemtn4
Exceptional Contrast
Bazz gymmybob stephanieveronique
Magnificent Capture
maryhale9534 retsev
Superior Skill
One Of A Kind
Great Find

Top ClassTM

The Emerging Talent AwardsTop 10 class
Once Upon A Time Photo ContestTop 30 class
Celebrating Nature Photo Contest Vol 3Top 10 class
Celebrating Nature Photo Contest Vol 3Top 10 class week 2
Celebrating Nature Photo Contest Vol 3Top 10 class week 1
We Love Animals Photo ContestTop 10 class
We Love Animals Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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birdlover54 March 04, 2014
beautiful capture and nice composition
frankjrosetti PRO
frankjrosetti November 02, 2014
very nice!

Behind The Lens

back yard of my house in Geary New Brunswick Canada
02/21/2012 around 12 noon
just the sun in the right place
Canon T1I tamron 55-200mm f4-5.6 macro lens photo was at 200mm 1/640 F/8 ISO 400
i had 2 feeders and 1 humming bird feeder set up in my yard this is how i learned how to use my camera and how to take photos some time it worked and some times not...... this photos is one that i didnt think was that good yes the top bird is not to bad but the bottom one is out of focus i spent 2 weeks of thinking should i put it on or not and i cant believe how much people like this photo ... thank you very much happy shooting
In my camera bag
canon T1I and canon 1D mark2 tamron 55-200mm 4-5.6 sigma 24-70mm 3.5-5.6 soligor 400mm 6.3 vivitar 2x converter
have a good set up and lots of time and with luck they will come in and stay for the shoot i missed so many shoots because they dont stay long just keep trying and have fun and very stop learning and trying new things thank you Mike

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