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The conductor...

This ladybug is a special one... she conducts the orchestra.

This ladybug is a special one... she conducts the orchestra.
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joynshannon May 07, 2015
Fantastic composition
kjodway May 24, 2015
Ok this time - All together ! 1-2 and 3 Breathe taking !!!
BTay01 Premium
BTay01 August 01, 2015
Very nicely done.
RachelPye PRO+
RachelPye December 20, 2015
Reminds me of Karate Kid practicing balancing ...
really clever capture, split second timing on your part, brilliant!!
Kdansir January 07, 2016
Excellent timing and capture!!! Great composition and depth of field. Well done.
andinorwich PRO
andinorwich December 27, 2016
heehee, it's like he's saying, "Come at me, bro!"
Great shot!
jettahlily008 PRO+
jettahlily008 January 30, 2017
This ladybug is quite animated! Wonder what it's thinking!!! :)
llowzz PRO+
llowzz May 03, 2017
Incredible shot ,but I must say she looks a little unhappy !
Harrison_ June 09, 2017
What a spectacular shot! You should enter it in this bug challenge!:
blunder PRO
blunder April 14, 2018
Don't you just love those special moments when you get something rare like this.
karensommerslohre PRO+
karensommerslohre June 18, 2018
I have awarded you as my winner in my "LADYBUG" Challenge~Quite a special capture~Congratulations!
AmberDawn1 March 14, 2019
Great capture, Eelco! :-)

Behind The Lens

This little lady bird was photographed in our backyard in Enkhuizen, Holland.
It was about 4 PM.
it was a slightly cloudy early winters day, just perfect for a photo like this one! Not too much direct sunlight but enough light coming through the thin clouds for a nice macro.
I didn't use any equipment other then my wonderful little Lumix DMC-TZ60.
Normally we don't have any ladybugs in winter here in Holland, but this winter was quite warm until the first bit of snow began to fall. I went into our garden and was looking for something to take a nice photo of, when I saw something red crawling in between the grass. I don't know why she came out of her hiding place but she moved so slow that I had all the time of the world to take many pictures of her! When she climbed into this dead flower peduncle she was very tired I think because she paused for a short while and then she tried to reach out to continue her path, giving me the chance to take this wonderful photo.
I did no post-processing but I must admit I cheated a little... I turned the photo 90 degrees around! Because the sun was allready standing very low, it was possible to maintain a natural look. By turning the photo around, the lady bug wasn't looking for a place to go but seemed to be conducting an orchestra, hahaha!
In my camera bag
I don't have any equipment in my bag (yet) I am a beginning photographer and I am learning to use a camera, to look for the good light, composition and point of view. One day when I know how to use and set the camera well enough, I will start to think about a bag filled with technical things instead of the need to understand photography first...
Take the time and effort to look around you and be surprised to find that one can take a nice photo in allmost every square foot anywhere! Capturing wonderful shots is a matter of trying to look through a pinhole without forgetting the whole picture... Look around you and see that everywhere beauty can be found if you are willing to see it! If you can take the photo from a slight distance and crop it later, you will have a wider field of sharpness. I allways shoot a wider area to be able to crop the photo later into a nice composition. I like to crop in different ways, so I can choose the best one the next day, when I can have a fresh look at them.

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