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q-liebin PRO
q-liebin April 29, 2015
Very creative framing! Welcome to ViewBug!

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Behind The Lens

Our family took our first trip to the Henry Doorly Omaha Zoo and this picture was taken at the gorilla enclosure. This window over looks a walkway area and this guy was just sitting there watching the people. I had brought my camera along since I had hopes that the day would present some interesting photo opportunities. I just happened to notice him sitting there as I walked by, so I snapped a shot. It was my first opportunity to take pictures of a variety of animals and the weather was perfect for it also.
I'm pretty sure it was early afternoon. We arrived not long after the zoo opened and we took our time walking around looking at everything.
I really liked the way the light was hitting him outside, since it was bright enough to make it appear darker inside where I took the picture from. I feel it helped accentuate the appearance of him being framed by the window.
Nikon Coolpix L620 Ver. 1.0
It was really just a spur of the moment, 'oh that looks like a good shot'. I actually took a couple hundred pictures that day of animals all over the zoo, but only a handful ended up impressing me enough to work further with them.
I liked the way this photo originally came out, so the only editing I did was to increase the saturation to help make the colors more vibrant and appear closer to what I was seeing.
In my camera bag
I generally just have my camera and a mini tripod on hand.
I really feel that in this case, it's about luck or opportunity. Maybe it would also help if you have more access than I did. Omaha is over two hours from where I live so I don't go there frequently. I tend to go into a place like that very open minded to the opportunities, as being stuck on a specific outcome with a particular subject in mind can leave you frustrated and disappointed.

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