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Contest Finalist in San Diego Surf Film Festival Photo Contest
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santoshpatanaik July 12, 2016
COOL ! Love it.
Bruz Ultimate
Bruz June 15, 2017
Beautiful shot. The reflection is awesome.
Bruz Ultimate
Bruz June 15, 2017
And congrats on being finalist and featured.
jdaniel July 14, 2017
Thanks, Bruz!
ChibaBob June 19, 2018
Wonderful shot. Inspirational 😊
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo of Oceanside Pier (Oceanside, CA, just north of San Diego) while vacationing with my family. One of the challenges of having a hobby like photography and having a family is how to find a balance between spending time with both, especially on vacation and especially when photo ops occur, like this amazing view on a beautiful March evening!
While having a fun day at the beach with my family, I also envisioned what might be good angles for photos of the pier at sunset! My opportunity to steal away with my camera backpack and tripod came when the rest of my family were lounging at a nearby hotel and I made a beeline for the beach! The photo was taken at last light with the sun low on the horizon.
In regards to the lighting, the late evening sun, together with the light-diffusing clouds and the reflective properties of the wet sand combined for great compositional elements! The low light allowed for a strong silhouette of the pier and the use of a wide angle lens allowed for close camera placement (using a tripod for stabilization in such low light conditions) and helped accentuate the elongated perspective of the pier itself. Also, the crowds were greatly diminished as dusk transitioned into dark, allowing for a greater sense of solitude.
I shot this photo with a Nikon D5200 camera with Tamron 10-24mm wide angle lens, enhanced by a circular polarizer filter, enriching the blue sky. My camera was mounted on a Vivitar tripod to compensate for low light conditions. I did not use any fill flash because I wanted to maintain a consistent pier silhouette.
I had been intrigued by the Oceanside Pier before we even arrived and loved it's leading lines and repetitive patterns! I knew that sunset was a great time for capturing seascapes on the West Coast so when the opportunity came and the family rested, my motto was "Karpe Deum"! What I did not anticipate was just how beautiful and peaceful the experience would become as I soaked in the cool, peaceful colors, the vivid silhouettes and the relaxing, almost hypnotic rhythm of the waves!
I did not have to do much with post-processing. I use Lightroom for my post processing and the only adjustments I made were a slight increase in exposure and a slight increase in contrast.
In my camera bag
In my Tamarac camera backpack, I normally carry my Nikon D5200, a 55-200mm zoom lens, an 18-55mm portrait zoom, and my Tamron 10-24mm wide angle lens. I have both UV and circular polarizer filters for all of my lenses. I also have a Nikon SB 600 Speedlight flash that I like to use at times for a fill flash. I also carry a spare camera battery and extra memory cards, cleaning supplies and extra batteries for the flash. I also have a basic Polaroid monopod in a zippered case with a shoulder strap that comes in handy for extra stability in low light, yet is much lighter than my tripod for longer hikes. It can also serve as a walking stick in steep terrain.
One trick that I have learned along the way to address camera shake in low light situations is to use the 10 second delay shutter release feature on my camera. The extra time till shutter release allows for any movement that occurs when pressing the shutter button to stop by the time the picture is taken. This is a still helpful trick even when using a tripod.

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