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A cheeky shot of my friend for his modeling portfolio

A cheeky shot of my friend for his modeling portfolio
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oksanakachkan July 22, 2018
Like this, especially the focus point

Behind The Lens

In my little studio in Manchester, UK.
I think it was the evening but none of the light was natural :)
Yeh, this was a great one to light, easy but effective. I just used two strip lights behind him at about a 45 degree angle from his ears maybe a foot or so behind him and another light about a foot above and infront of his head facing down to fill in the shadows.
A canon 5dm3, kino flo lights, 2 4ft 4 banks behind him and a 2ft 4 bank in front of him. Most fluorescent lights will do a similar job if you get the kinflo bulbs.
Well, the guy in the photo, Andrei Mihancau is a good friend of mine, he's comfortable infant of the camera and it's just a lot of fun to work together. I have shot with him a few times ! You can check out more on my portfolio :)
Just a tiny bit, global adjustments to push up the whites and the shadows a bit but thats all !
In my camera bag
My Canon 5DS with usually a 50mm or 70-200mm. Those in combination work for pretty much any portrait project and lighting wise I use some studio flashes if it's in a studio but if not then I love natural light !
as soon as you get the lighting right you can forget about it and work with the subject for some great expressions, always remember it's the feel of the image that beats technicalities, what is it giving to someone else on first impact ?

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