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KenBrakefield April 16, 2015
I love this one. It's like a dream. lol I wrote that before I read your comments. This is beautiful. A piece of art.
DebbieKMiller81 October 18, 2016
Beautiful creation.

Wind Washing Clean

I originally shot this self portrait QUITE a while ago, a couple years, in fact. I shot it outside my mother in law\'s home, which has a lovely little park-lik...
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I originally shot this self portrait QUITE a while ago, a couple years, in fact. I shot it outside my mother in law\'s home, which has a lovely little park-like area a short walk away and a pond where birds gather, which I thought would be a nice backdrop for my image.

Then it just kind of laid there in my hard drive for a long while. At some point more recently, I had gotten it out, edited it most of the way, and somehow forgot about it again. Luckily I rediscovered it before another several years had gone by (probably a couple of months) and was pleasantly surprised to rediscover I\'d done most of the work on it already.

I figured I just had a little fine-tuning left to do, an afternoon\'s work, maybe two... and then I decided that the reason I\'d kept setting it down and forgetting it was that it was just a little bland on its own. So, naturally, I decided that what I needed to do was completely remove the existing background, add in dozens of different cloud images and create a complicated DreamWorld ( composite instead of the nice, easy image I\'d had in mind.

Well, we go where the art takes us, don\'t we? ;)

I\'m much, much happier with this now, despite all the unexpected work it required and it makes a nice companion piece to Where The Earth Meets The Sky, This is part of the benevolent Wind Goddess\' doing; picking up mortals, flying them up through the clouds and letting her pure wind was every bad thing away. Leaving the mortal cleansed, fresh, reborn. It\'s quite a spiritual experience.!

I have to give Brooke Shaden proper credit; though I wasn\'t consciously taking my image in this direction, I\'m sure her image The Storm Above The Clouds had an influence on me! Thanks, Brooke :)

Have you heard my really, super exciting news about me finding a truly wonderful home gallery?? No? Well, you should read about it on the blog post I wrote regarding it! It feels like such a wondrous milestone to have reached, I can hardly believe it\'s true! Please do check out the blog or at least have a look at my page on the gallery\'s site,, so the owner will feel good about having signed me on! :)

On that note, thank you to everyone who has ever favorited, pinned or shared my work, left me encouraging comments and supported my art career in any way! A really, really BIG thank you goes to Geoff ( who has believed in me more than anyone. Thank you, my love! <3

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