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A slow afternoon, some good photo-editing tools, and a bit of ludicrous testing.
The gulls were just peacefully sitting on the boat deck tarp support... ...
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A slow afternoon, some good photo-editing tools, and a bit of ludicrous testing.
The gulls were just peacefully sitting on the boat deck tarp support... The rest is my fault...
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windonnewton PRO
windonnewton December 13, 2013
LookSee PRO
LookSee May 16, 2018
You mean clever... No animal was hurt in the making of this image. (I'm just kiddin' ya!)
vbjulie238842 February 16, 2014
Looks like you were taking some shots of the little fellows. I especially like the dapper gentlebird in the tie. ;)
LookSee PRO
LookSee May 16, 2018
It's just one photo. They were sitting like this.
Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry August 24, 2014
Well done, posted at once on my FB...
joycealicesmith September 20, 2015
Fun! I really need to learn how to do this!
terrysigns13 December 01, 2016
Holy cow! .... uh...gull
Fun work and so well done

Behind The Lens

Ohrid harbor, lake Ohrid, Macedonia.
No. A straightforward shot of gulls on the ship's deck shade support.
SONY F-828, hand-held.
The gulls sitting and preening up there on the ship's tarp shade frame... seemingly without a single worry in the World!
I took a normal birds photo, and then I started to play in Corel PhotoPaint... I used various effects, but most of the tools executed within the masked parts (for instance, the holes were made by masking the oval area and forcing the "pinch/punch" deformation). Other effects involved clone tool, or masking and patterning the area (a necktie). Gods know what all I had used to do this horrible thing to the poor gulls... but I'd lie if I said I remembered the whole workflow... What I surely can state, it was a lot of fun. :)
In my camera bag
Two cameras... usually one zooms good, the other can be dipped in the water. Filters, batteries, cards, and some things I use if I have to improvise; like a camera clamp instead of tripod, a length of string, a firemaker, a nylon bag, and a pocket knife. You can do many things with that, kinda McGyver style, but you don't have to carry all the heavy stuff. And no, I don't carry any photo bag. I wear a photo vest instead, since it can be better organized, distributes the overall weight more comfortably, and can also be worn under the windbreaker or a poncho if the weather decides to change.
Well, nothing really constructive to suggest at this point. What's important is, one has to start from a normal, clear and correctly exposed frame. And then, just allow your imagination to take over, and let it run wild. There is no telling where it ends!

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