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This image has a lot of stories, each with its own moral. I'm sure you'll find the best story by yourself, in your own heart....
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This image has a lot of stories, each with its own moral. I'm sure you'll find the best story by yourself, in your own heart.
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Winner in Unlikely Friends Photo Challenge
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TinaSuz Platinum
TinaSuz May 26, 2015
I just hope the story doesn't include the animals being homeless.
amyjohuffer June 26, 2015
Congratulations! I chose your phototure for my grand winner because I just feel like these two really love and depend on each other! I love the story this phototure tells!
LookSee PRO+
LookSee June 26, 2015
Thank you... Also many thanks to all who awarded this phototure. :)
Parallel September 17, 2016
Great shot!
ArgoGirl79 October 04, 2016
Such a sad photo but a great shot.
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Behind The Lens

Photo was made in Skopje (Macedonia).
16:49... which, in January, is a late afternoon.
The little Canon D10 is set on Auto and used for quick snaps. The flash did not fire as there was enough ambiental light, but the camera chose ISO 400 anyway.
When I spotted this scene I was in a car parked several meters behind, so I grabbed the camera, went closer, and photographed this endearing scene out of hand.
I am always glad when I see cats and dogs behaving friendly, so this shot was a must, of sorts. First I snapped off the shot, and then became aware of the surroundings. It seems they are well-known to the neighbors, since someone has prepared the cardboard "bedding" for the two, and there are also signs that the food is coming every now and again... so I presume they have more friends than just each other. Which is sometimes 90% better than what other street drifters have.
Aside of some cropping the image didn't take much of correction, so it is just like the camera saw it. But I have received some weird suggestions to turn it into black and white, "for reality effect". Of course, there are many photogs who shoot street photos in B&W, but to me the color is important because it exists, and no reality is really more informative without it. But tastes differ... and I'm not much or a street photographer either.
In my camera bag
I'm using pockets, as I prefer compacts and bridge cameras to systems. My photo jacket has an awful lot of pockets, and many of those remain empty. However, there will always be two cameras; the "main" one, and the backup compact which has to be watertight, because of the weather and an occasional underwater theme that might happen along. The rest of my gear consists of spare batteries, a camera clamp instead of tripod, and some ND and CPL filters. A length of string, a lighter, and a pocket knife also belong there, if and when something needs to be improvised. If I take along a water bottle, and a bar of chocolate or a sandwich, it means I plan to be out for the whole day. Simplicity is freedom, travel light - go far, and all that jazz! :)
Our surroundings are chock-full of interesting, weird and beautiful scenes, and the best advice anyone could offer is to keep your eyes open for any possible situation. Gear-wise, there are no cameras best suited for everything. Any camera will do, really. All considered, maybe the good bridge camera or superzoom would be best suited for quick work and unpredictable variety of themes, not to mention the ability to discreetly work from a distance. In any case, one must know their gear well so as not having to fumble too long with camera settings. Good opportunities are rarely there for a long time.

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