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So I was down at the duck pond when a commotion started. A young coromorant was being aggressive to all the ducks in the vacinity. The behaviour continued no ma...
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So I was down at the duck pond when a commotion started. A young coromorant was being aggressive to all the ducks in the vacinity. The behaviour continued no matter where the cormorant swan. This was very uncharacteristic for the bird. Then the cormorant came charging after me, with it's mouth wide open. I took a couple of steps back, and the cormorant then chased all the ducks off the little shore. When the cormorant finally stopped charging everyone, I was able to see that a fishing line and bobber were wrapped around this poor cormorant's wing. He tried to balance on a log, but could't because of bobbin. Diving was also a problem.The cormorant came back on the shore and just stared off, with a look of desperation in it's eye. We all felt so helpless. The people around all wanted to save it, but how. Even if we could manage to capture the cormorant, nobody had anything that would cut the fishing line that was wrapped around the wing multiple times.
I called the local wildlife rescue organization and left a message about the desperate cormorant in the hopes that someone who knew what they were doing and had the necessary items and the experience for the rescue could come and save it.
The volunteer finally called me, and by the time we got back down to the lake with the cormorant, the cormorant had managed to fly up into a tree.
The volunteer came back the next day with a friend and managed to safely secure the cormorant and cut the fishing line.
Thank heavens there are wildlife rescue organizations and any photographer who loves wildlife should always have a wildlife rescue org. phone number on their speed dial.
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animals April 20, 2015
I hope --all went well -so sad I hope the bird was saved
bearinmybackyard April 22, 2015
When the volunteer arrived, the cormorant had flown up into a tall tree, so the volunteer couldn't get to him. I have seen the cormorant since, the bobbin and fishing line are still attached to the wing, but he has adapted and is able to dive and fly.
onyanita PRO+
onyanita April 21, 2015
hope he was saved. Love their blue eyes with the yellow.
bearinmybackyard April 22, 2015
The volunteers couldn't reach the cormorant because he was in a tree when they came. I guess after the initial shock of having the fishing line and bobber attached to his wing, he has now adapted and seems to be doing ok.
kathleenweetman Platinum
kathleenweetman September 03, 2015
I think its eye looks quite sad.....Glad to know it adapted....Voted .k
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