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a little double action recreating the scene between Mr.Pink and Mr.White form the movie Reservoir dogs

a little double action recreating the scene between Mr.Pink and Mr.White form the movie Reservoir dogs
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allanthemofmanhamilton April 24, 2016
Back to the rez.
Monsters-In-My-House April 24, 2016
I was one of the handful of people who had then pleasure to see this movie in the theater. I named my orange tabby after Mr Orange. Lol. Love this photo!
pauljones_0663 April 24, 2016
Very cleverly done.
thricegrate May 18, 2016
Great shot
pacinodeppfan1 June 16, 2017
That is BAD ASS!

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Behind The Lens

this was taken in my garage where i do most of my shooting
it was early to late evening if memory serves and on a weekend
since this is an homage to a classic scene from reservoir dogs, i studied the still image i worked from to see where lights would have been coming from on the production set. the front/key lighting was my 48" octobox with a studio strobe in it and i also had one light in a open beauty dish high and behind me to give the look of the warehouse lighting in the scene
i shoot with a canon 7D and for this shot i used a 10-22mm somewhere on the short side. for lighting i used two elinchrom BRx500 studio strobes one placed in a beauty dish and one in an octobox. i shoot tethered to my computer using the canon EOS utility to bring the images into the computer then bring them automatically into lightroom using a watch folder
this was for an art of self portraiture challenge that i am a curator of on both google+ and facebook, the theme of the challenge was to recreate a scene from a movie of your choice
for post processing i obviously had to shoot myself multiple times to get my positioning correct and then brought the images into photoshop and used masks and adjustment layers to blend myself with myself in the final image
In my camera bag
aside form the gear mentioned above, i normally have with me a 70-200mm f/2.8, a 85mm f/1.8, a 580EXII strobe and a set of pocket wizards to get it off my camera
when creating composites you really need to plan out the shot way ahead of time. shadows, angles and position of the camera is critical in blending the images later in photoshop so pay close attention to how they all work together. this is even more critical if you are blending a new shot with a pre-existing background shot. for a shot like this one a tripod is essential as your camera must stay in the exact same position as any movement or re-positioning can affect the final outcome

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