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Behind The Lens

This was taken in an abandoned sugar factory in Vaasa. The old man who owns the place has been really kind and given me permission to go shoot pictures and videos there every time I've needed to.
Oh, no idea about the time of day, guess it doesn't really matter. :)
For the main light I used a Jinbei HD600 with a 120cm octabox, fol backlight and fill I used two Nikon SB-28 with some small softboxes. :)
Nikon D90 + Yongnuo triggers and the flashes mentioned before.
This is what I love about photography, and life too. Having an vision and then making it actually happen. I had an idea of a girl jumping out of thick fog/smoke in a dream. And started to think how it could be possible to photograph. I contacted my friend who is a professional gymnast and she was stoked about the idea. Next I contacted the old man from the factory and got myself a smoke machine. We did the shoot with a few friends and had a great time and the image ended up being in one of the advertisements for the gymnast club in Vaasa - nice!
Yeah I always do color grading and I added some smoke from the other photographs I had taken. I had the camera on a tripod so it was easy to add smoke from different images.
In my camera bag
I have my main camera (currently a Nikon D610) and all my lenses; Nikkor 50/1.8, Tamron 70-200/2.8 and a Nikon 20/2.8. Kind of crappy lenses but I like the challenge and haven't had problems yet.. ;)
Just go shoot. Do trial and error. And have fun in the process.

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