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seagypsy1000 November 24, 2013
ori December 20, 2013
davidrelph December 20, 2013
Fabulous contrast
BrianBasson December 20, 2013
Congrats with your feature. This is an awesome shot with great use of light and shadow. Brian
AlanJakarta December 20, 2013
Superb shot. Congratulations.
akhtarkhan December 20, 2013
Awesome colours, light and shadows. amazing dune shapes, fantastic clouds formation with patterns......splendid capture. Congrats on the feature.
catini December 20, 2013
Beautiful light and composition, congrats on your feature!
WileKyK December 20, 2013
Amazing color and contrast. Congratulations on your Feature!
iceman2 December 20, 2013
Excellent capture of light and shadows.Congrats!
BrianRueb December 20, 2013
Thanks Everyone.
symesie04 December 20, 2013
Great colour depth.
PhotoAlaska December 20, 2013
excellent shot
BowmanLifeStudios December 20, 2013
Love the Golden Dunes and the clouds, such great contrast in colors between them. Great Composition and leading lines. The ridge line draws your eye in and keeps it moving thru the entire photograph taking you on a nice little journey through the picture, Great Job!
fila4 December 20, 2013
Wonderful shot! Congrats on your Featured!
rmr731 December 20, 2013
Beautiful capture! Congrats!
fotogalmexican December 20, 2013
HelenRea December 20, 2013
Fantastic...congratulations! :)))
chadthompson December 20, 2013
Stunning photo!
Redcow December 24, 2013
Stunning image!
Capture-Life December 24, 2013
Fantastic Capture !! Congrats !
Meggerz December 29, 2013
awesome shot!
galeryann January 01, 2014
Great light, tones and shapes!
mike_flood January 04, 2014
I find this quite sensual. Not to sort of comment you'd get from someone who was raised in West Texas where piles of sand are very common.
edstilwell January 17, 2014
Beautiful image!!
D-Laura February 10, 2014
Amazing capture, great job.
Kazza60 February 10, 2014
congratulations of being a finalist .. awesome composition !!
ctoc February 10, 2014
Incredibly dramatic and eye catching composition.
p_eileenbaltz February 10, 2014
Magnificent!!! Congratulations!
dondurante February 10, 2014
Awesome shot! I Love everything about it!
ArtQ February 11, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
Rl1956 February 11, 2014
you caught the perfect light, congrats
vinay8484 February 11, 2014
BrianRueb February 11, 2014
Thanks everyone!
SarahKeates February 11, 2014
Beautiful! Congrats!
BrianRueb February 12, 2014
Arzhtatiana February 15, 2014
A great shot! Congratulations!
Mohit_Bagaria_Monu February 15, 2014
mikemalak April 03, 2014
Nice shot!!
nmlisto April 09, 2014
Love the cloud cover. This is amazing!
shema May 05, 2014
amazing light and shadow, beautiful capture!
KarlWilliamsPhotography February 11, 2015
Very difficult exposure conditions here, Brian, but you've managed to retain some shadow detail without blowing the all-important highlights.
pamelainob March 07, 2015
Love the lines and light! Well done!
carolyns July 20, 2015
Stunning image! Love the contrasting colours and textures... The smoothness of the dunes against the lumpiness of the clouds.
maxmanus January 09, 2017
nataliehampel June 10, 2018

Mesquite Dunes Sunrise

A lovely sunrise lights up the prisitine dunes in Death Valley National Park,
A lovely sunrise lights up the prisitine dunes in Death Valley National Park,
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Behind The Lens

Death Valley National Park, California
Just at sunrise
There had been a large storm system filtering through the area for a few days, and the previous night had been quite windy. When we woke up to hike out to the dunes, there were large storm clouds everywhere, so the lighting looked to be muted at best for the duration of our shoot, but thankfully there happened to be a small opening on the horizon to let through some of the morning sun for a few moments.
I used a Canon 5D, 17-40L lens, Induro Tripod, and Singh-Ray 3-stop soft grad filter.
The desert is a fascinating place…I think the simplicity of line and form in inspiring by itself…then the textures and way light plays with surfaces adds even more to the experience. I like environments that feel remote and isolated.
I did the basic processing for this RAW file, color, sharpness, curves, and that's about it.
In my camera bag
I have 2 camera bodies, and usually 3-4 lenses with me. A cable remote, a host of filters…a few cleaning things, some gloves, and usually some kind of emergency snack item.
My biggest piece of advice would be to just get out. Put yourself in as many good locations as you can, even when you think that conditions look grim. Often times the bad weather and miserable conditions will give way to something remarkable, and if you are stuck inside your tent, or hotel room…you'll miss them. I always try to look at it like, even in the worse case scenario I get to be outside practicing my craft…and the experience always makes you a better photographer, even if the images never pan out to anything.

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