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Behind The Lens

Hampi is famous for its ruins belonging to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar and a declared World Heritage site: mainly the remnants of the Capital City of Vijayanagara Empire (14th-16th Cent CE). This photo was taken in Hampi Bazaar which used to be a well-known market place that spread for more than one kilometer. And world heritage sites is something I love to capture.
I had taken this photo in the morning around 11:00 am. After experience a beautiful sunrise & a sumptuous South India veg breakfast, we spent a good amount of time, about 2-3 hours, in this market/bazaar
It was late morning and I wanted to maintain the genuine essence of this godly structure. So no special equipments..
I used Canon 650D, 18-135mm lens, f/16. ISO was on auto as I did not carry any tripod
Hampi Bazaar was once the centre of flourishing trade and a well-planned market area. The series of pavilions and a market that catered to the demands of the rich people as well as the general masses. They used to have horses and jewellery trades in this structure. This history, is what actually motivated me and I imagined this whole place alive with the traders, merchants in action. Now it is just a shadow of this sparkle.
I normally do limited post processing using Lightroom or Photoshop. I prefer to maintain the originality of the photo.
In my camera bag
I have my Canon camera, 18-135 mm lens, 50 mm for portraits and a 70-300 zoom lens. I normally also carry a tripod which I did not for thsi trip , but I recommend you should.
If you love heritage, architecture, Hampi is the heavenly abode. Take a good guide and start your journey early morning. Trust me.. You will be mesmerized.

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