calla lily

Taken indoor; natural light

Taken indoor; natural light
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Alinna March 21, 2015
This photo is very sharpe but not so much after download here. Any idea why?
robertwfawcett April 01, 2015
Alinna, excellent work !! from this end all looks good, color, clarity etc. I don't mind the soft edge to this one. I would suspect the soft edge comes from an applied filter in NIK or subtle movement during the long exposure? Your focal length is at 24mm, is it possible that you are right at it's minimal focus distance? Also for this you might try f/11 or f/16 and find that one of these apertures hits the sweet spot of the lens? When shooting do you employ the mirror lockup as well. Just thinking out loud and throwing some ideas out.
Alinna April 01, 2015
Thanks Robert for the suggestions!
Forrest_Imagery PRO
Forrest_Imagery November 22, 2017
I agree with Robert.
The slight softness adds to the ethereal glow of this beauty.
Job well done !

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