A play on silhouettes from sunlight and fishnets from a beach conservation shoot. Embracing the emotions of the subject in agony with hope. A dreadful time of c...
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A play on silhouettes from sunlight and fishnets from a beach conservation shoot. Embracing the emotions of the subject in agony with hope. A dreadful time of commemorating halcyon.
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Behind The Lens

I took this image at Kenjeran Beach, which is a rather unconserved and dirty beach. The whole theme of the portfolio was abandoned marine life represented by mermaids. This was, however, a close up utilizing veils representing nets.
This photograph was taken in a sunny morning, around 10 a.m. to be exact, in a very hot and humid situation. The challenge in taking this photograph was to make sure that the image was not too dark or too light, as the camera setting can easily be unsuitable for the rather extreme situation. Not to mention that one can hardly view the camera's result under such harsh light. However, the extreme condition successfully produced an image with harsh shadows.
The lighting in this image literally shaped the whole mood and the message of the image. This image shows hope in the midst of darkness, and the harsh light (coming from the sun above her) formed an image with the light producing the fishnet shadow, giving the image a clearer imagery.
The only equipment I used was my CANON EOS 7D and a wide lens (15-88)
The theme of abandoned mermaids and illegal fishing brought me to the idea of giving the perspective of the emotions and hope of a helpless, caught fish. How their emotions shine in their extremely eerie and melancholic, seeking for hope above the tight gaps of the fishnet inspired me to give a perspective of a creature held by the net.
I always do. To be honest, the shadows near her cheekbones are post-processed, and initially the image was in color. I used a monochromatic tone in it to give the extra focus on her hopeful eyes, since the loss of color definitely directs a viewers to her eyes.
In my camera bag
I've got a photographer's rucksack thing, not that plenty of tools to be exact. I have my beloved CANON EOS 7D, attached to a wide lens, a fix lens, and an external flash. I also have several extra batteries on the side, my iPad and sketch book for reference, and even some clothes for the model's diversity of shoots (in case I have any wardrobe compatible with the scene).
The play of shadows can be more than just a natural value. You can play with shadows all you want as long as there is enough sunlight. Make sure you're shooting with a strong source of light (like sun, flashlight, light). In this image, I used a fishnet motif fabric, you can be creative and use lots of different motifs with holes on it, and just cover up the subject with it against the light. The shadows will then form according to your adjustments made. Make sure to already plan what kind of tone and mood that you want in the image to make things more "approachable" in the photo shoot.

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