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jimboz March 11, 2016

Conflict of the Inner Self (Conceptual Portrait Series)

Conflict in the Inner Self (Conceptual Portrait Series)

What if the light and darkness inside of us stopped fighting and instead understood each ot...
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Conflict in the Inner Self (Conceptual Portrait Series)

What if the light and darkness inside of us stopped fighting and instead understood each other?

Styling Concept: Angel Lugo
Models: Rebekka Rose (light force), Desirai Gomez (dark force)
Makeup & Styling: Julia Vinha
Photo: Wendy Hurst

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Behind The Lens

Utah State Capitol building. It's was built using granite bricks, making it a surreal black and white environment. It's almost like being in a black and white film in real life!
Evening, but because of the direction of the windows above that spot looks great any time of day!
Windows are on the ceiling there, and because the environment is granite and marble the light bounces around beautifully. All I had to do was move into position, set the scene and snap the shot.
Sony A200 with natural light from the windows above, handheld while sitting on the ground.
Angel Lugo, another photographer in Utah, invited me to join her shoot with this styling. While she took photos from another angle, I sat on the balcony railing directly above the models and while looking down, realized the light would be better at the models' level. So I switched spots and let the models find a position and pose that matched how they felt in their roles.
Removed a few smudges from the background and increase contrast a bit, but the lighting really did the rest.
In my camera bag
My Sony A850, a discontinued camera body with a full frame sensor! I switch between a Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and my Minolta 70-200mm f/1.7 lens (often called a "beercan" lens, one word). (Most people don't know that Sony bought Minolta, and because Sony's anti-shake feature is built into their camera bodies instead of the lens like Nikon and Canon, Minolta lenses are already compatible with Sony cameras!) Last is my generic brand of tripod I bought for $10 seven years ago. It's broken but still works for what I use it for!
Once you have an idea, let it flow. Take a few minutes to wander the location from as many angles as you can and choose the vantage point that best tells your story. Expose for the skin. Only focus on the details you need to say what you want to say and leave out the rest. When I first started photography my mind was so preoccupied with finding the "story" that I couldn't pay enough attention to what I was actually seeing. Lock in your concept and let your eyes do the rest.

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